Attention Media: Kansas City Chiefs' Jovan Belcher is a murdering douchebag!

It appears that a Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker, Jovan Belcher, killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, orphaned his 3-month old daughter, and traumatized his team’s General Manager and Head Coach when he committed suicide in their presence.

In my book, this makes him a murdering douchebag – not a troubled young man with domestic problems.

I do not want to hear interviews with everybody and his brother telling how wonderful, kind and considerate Belcher was. All of the goodness, kindness and regard was erased the minute he killed his child’s mother. If we should celebrate anything, it is that he did not kill his baby child. But he gets no reward from me for that kindness.

I don’t care if his girlfriend cheated on him, spent all of his money and was going to leave him. I don’t care if he was on prescription drugs or steroids. He was lucid enough to have a conversation with his General Manager and Head Coach – allegedly thanking him for having faith in him and helping his career.

So I do not want to hear – over and over – that Belcher was a victim of easy access to a gun. I do not want to hear that Belcher was a victim of “the system.” I do not want to hear anything about this douchebag on the news. Let him rot in hell where he belongs. Save your concern for those the douchebag left behind.

Bottom line …

Jovan Belcher was not an innocent victim of the system, he was the perpetrator of a heinous crime. The victims were his girlfriend and his baby daughter.

And if you ask yourself one question, let it be: if he was so damn wonderful, why didn’t he marry his baby mama? Or is his girlfriend had access to a weapon, this would be a far better story of a victim overcoming her attacker.

-- steve

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