Let us not forget that it is the intellectuals that believe that socialism and communism are good things, with a fair percentage believing that American colonialism brought death and destruction to many third-world nations. These are the people who overlook the American lives that were sacrificed to bring freedom to people who were suffering under totalitarian regimes. These are the same “useful idiots” who honor murderous thugs like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez.

Who is Noam Chomsky …

Noam Chomsky: Unrepentant Stalinist   

Noam Chomsky was among those on the Left who traveled to Hanoi. In his At War With Asia (1970), the linguist-turned-activist fondly recounted how he found a country that was “unified, strong though poor, and determined to withstand the attack launched against [it] by the great superpower of the Western world.” Everywhere he went, Chomsky found people “healthy, well-fed, and adequately clothed.” Indeed, he saw great promise in Vietnamese Communism. “My personal guess is that, unhindered by imperialist intervention, the Vietnamese would develop a modern industrial society with much popular participation” and “direct democracy.” While in Hanoi, Chomsky broadcasted a speech of solidarity on behalf of the Communists. He declared that their heroism revealed “the capabilities of the human spirit and human will.”Your cause,” he continued, “is the cause of humanity as it moves forward toward liberty and justice, toward the socialist society in which free, creative men control their own destiny.” Chomsky was so moved by his journey that, at one point, he proudly “sang songs, patriotic and sentimental, and declaimed poems” with his hosts. He admitted that some Western observers, those too encumbered by bourgeois prejudice, might find his actions distasteful. He was not concerned. “Let the reader think what he may,” Chomsky wrote. “The fact is,” the whole experience was “intensely moving.” <Source: FrontPage Magazine - Noam Chomsky: Unrepentant Stalinist>

Here is the classic “useful idiot,” a smart man of great accomplishment in his own field, but who becomes an activist that confuses a brutal, repressive regime with a democratic and humanitarian experience. So it is with great distrust that I find his musings about Israel and the Palestinians as wrong as his observations on communism and the North Vietnamese experience.

1948 … Chomsky’s thoughts …

Noam Chomsky: What the American Media Won't Tell You About Israel 

An old man in Gaza held a placard that read: “You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all, but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.”

The old man’s message provides the proper context for the latest episode in the savage punishment of Gaza. The crimes trace back to 1948, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled from their homes in terror or were expelled to Gaza by conquering Israeli forces, who continued to truck Palestinians over the border for years after the official cease-fire.

1948 … Let’s put this into historical context. When the United Nations created Israel, they offered a second state which was refused by those who refer to themselves as Palestinians. People fled, not as a result of the horror of Israel, but knowing they were going to be caught in a crossfire when a combined Arab force attacked Israel with the objective of obliterating the newly-formed state. Land they abandoned unfortunately happened to be land conquered by Israel when they unexpectedly survived the massive assault.Thus giving rise to the false claim that Israel stole this land from innocent peasants. This is also the basis for the request to return to “their land” and be accorded citizenship – thus diluting and overwhelming the Jewish population to gain democratic power over Israel. An untenable and unthinkable situation.

In 1947, just before Israel as a modern day nation existed, the UN proposed a partition plan (181). The Arabs would have 45% of the land, and the Jews would have 55%. Jerusalem would be an international city. With a 6000 year history tying the Jews directly to the land, they accepted the UN’s plan. Every single Arab state rejected the plan. In the following 12 days, Arab terrorists killed 80 Jews. The following year when Israel became a nation, the government offered full citizenship to Arab residents. But Arab states responded by invading the one day old state, seeking to completely destroy it. <Source>

1967 … Chomsky’s thoughts …

The punishment took new forms when Israel conquered Gaza in 1967. From recent Israeli scholarship (primarily Avi Raz’s “The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War”), we learn that the government’s goal was to drive the refugees into the Sinai Peninsula – and, if feasible, the rest of the population too.

Expulsions from Gaza were carried out under the direct orders of Gen. Yeshayahu Gavish, commander of the Israel Defense Forces Southern Command. Expulsions from the West Bank were far more extreme, and Israel resorted to devious means to prevent the return of those expelled, in direct violation of U.N. Security Council orders.

The reasons were made clear in internal discussions immediately after the war. Golda Meir, later prime minister, informed her Labor Party colleagues that Israel should keep the Gaza Strip while “getting rid of its Arabs.” Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and others agreed.

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol explained that those expelled could not be allowed to return because “we cannot increase the Arab population in Israel” – referring to the newly occupied territories, already considered part of Israel.

Morally and technically, Israel was right to isolate themselves from the Arabs who promised nothing more than the formation of a fifth column leading to the destruction of Israel from within. Chomsky appears to be both intellectually dishonest and dishonest when he fails to mention that one of the prime directives of the Arab religion, Islam, demands the death of infidels (“non-believers”) with a specific hatred for the Jews.    

The killing of Jews is a mandatory religious obligation established by Islam’s founder Muhammad, according to a Muslim academic who spoke on Palestinian Authority television. “Muhammad said in his Hadith: “The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, [until a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree] and the rock and the tree will say: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him” said Hassan Khader, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia. Khader spoke during a lecture, broadcast Sunday, on what he describes as the war of the Jews against Palestinian “trees.” <Source>

Chomsky continues …

In accord with this conception, all of Israel’s maps were changed, expunging the Green Line (the internationally recognized borders) – though publication of the maps was delayed to permit Abba Eban, an Israeli ambassador to the U.N., to attain what he called a “favorable impasse” at the General Assembly by concealing Israel’s intentions.

The United Nations has always been comprised of a large number nations who were either anti-Jew (remember many Arabs are also Semites) or did not support the Jewish cause in the form of the State of Israel.

The goals of expulsion may remain alive today, and might be a factor in contributing to Egypt’s reluctance to open the border to free passage of people and goods barred by the U.S.-backed Israeli siege.

The current upsurge of U.S.-Israeli violence dates to January 2006, when Palestinians voted “the wrong way” in the first free election in the Arab world.

Israel and the U.S. reacted at once with harsh punishment of the miscreants, and preparation of a military coup to overthrow the elected government – the routine procedure. The punishment was radically intensified in 2007, when the coup attempt was beaten back and the elected Hamas government established full control over Gaza.

Ignoring immediate offers from Hamas for a truce after the 2006 election, Israel launched attacks that killed 660 Palestinians in 2006, most of whom were civilians (a third were minors). According to U.N. reports, 2,879 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire from April 2006 through July 2012, along with several dozen Israelis killed by fire from Gaza. A short-lived truce in 2008 was honored by Hamas until Israel broke it in November. Ignoring further truce offers, Israel launched the murderous Cast Lead operation in December.

First, the idea of a truce “Hudna” in the Islamic culture is a device for tricking one’s enemies into a cease fire while the opposition gains lost strength, re-arms and prepares to attack anew. Second, Israel has not broken a truce without serious provocation. The thought that there is some moral equivalency between the government of Israel (the subject of constant attack and the refusal of the opposition to support Israel’s right to exist) and the terrorists who control Gaza is ludicrous. Just as there is some unwritten law that you must respond to enemy aggression with a “proportional response.” You mean the Israelis must wait for more innocent Israelis to be killed and maimed before returning fire. Absolutely insane – and yet that is what intellectuals are saying.

So matters have continued, while the U.S. and Israel also continue to reject Hamas calls for a long-term truce and a political settlement for a two-state solution in accord with the international consensus that the U.S. has blocked since 1976 when the U.S. vetoed a Security Council resolution to this effect, brought by the major Arab states.

If Hamas wants a long-term truce, it can be easily accomplished unilaterally by the cessation of rocket attacks on innocent Israeli citizens. As for a two-state solution, how are you planning to accomplish that trick when Hamas refused to recognize the State of Israel and continuously calls for its destruction?

The Hamas Charter (or Covenant), issued in 1988, outlined the position of the Palestinian Islamic organization Hamas on many key issues at the time. The Charter identified Hamas as the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine and declares its members to be Muslims who "fear God and raise the banner of Jihad in the face of the oppressors." The charter states that "our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious" and calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and the obliteration or dissolution of Israel. <Source>

If you wish to read the continuation of this false and misleading narrative, you can find the rest of Chomsky’s screed at Noam Chomsky: What the American Media Won't Tell You About Israel | Alternet

Bottom line …

If one were to carefully observe history, one might find that it was the “intellectuals” who provided the underpinnings for the most repressive socialist and communist regimes. Underpinnings and support for brutal dictatorships under Stalin, Lenin, Mao and others were thought to be part of the process of establishing an enlightened ruling elite to perfect the administration of the human race. And we all saw how that worked out for tens – or even hundreds of millions of innocent people.

Fast forward to modern times and you find the intellectuals still supporting failed political philosophies on the grounds that there was something wrong with the implementation and leadership of those abhorrent and murderous regimes. Imagine the stupidity to believe that the communists in North Viet Nam, Cambodia and elsewhere were enlightened leaders of a burgeoning democratic movement with social justice for all.

And while Chomsky might be feted for his academic accomplishments, he should be roundly despised for protecting and promoting political philosophies which are anti-American. In fact, if Chomsky was so enamored with those regimes, perhaps he should have become a citizen of that repressive world and renounced the American citizenship he appears to believe is the source of world problems.

In the final analysis, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was correct when he said, “If Israel lays down her arms, there will be no Israel. If the Arabs lay down their arms, there will be peace.” No truer words have been said. Israel has given up land for peace – and the enemy, now located closer to Israel, attacked anew. As long as they refuse to recognize Israel or reform their Jew-hating intolerant religion, peace in the region may not be possible unless the Muslims are contained or restrained.

-- steve

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