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It is becoming tedious listening to the talking heads that purport to be “fair and balanced” with their endless presentation of various republican and democrat strategists. What these bozos never tell you is what qualifies these people as strategists … do they get paid by their respective parties to present the party’s talking points? Or are they simply shills of the network, pretending to be knowledgeable about political matters for the purposes of making the host look good?

The only reason I am asking is that “political strategists” are popping up, suggesting that Jeb Bush is a viable presidential candidate in 2016.

Let’s review …

His father was President of the United States, an elitist Northeastern liberal from the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. A “Skull and Bones” man that typified the privileged insider dealing in crony capitalism. A one-term President who was patrician, genial, wealthy, well-connected and personally accomplished.

His brother was President of the United States, a rough-hewn elitist Northeastern liberal from the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. A “Skull and Bones” man that typified the spawn of the privileged insider dealing in crony capitalism. A two-term President who was a faux cowboy who rode mountain bikes instead of horses and raised brush to be cut with a chainsaw rather than cattle. A man who refused to fight his opponents or promote the philosophical benefits of the Republican Party as if he was above the bleating peasants. A man vilified for budget-busting wars and outrageous and profligate spending on his watch. President Obama, a man with a dodgy background and zero experience in political, domestic and foreign affairs ran a successful campaign based on nothing more substantive than he was the anti-Bush.

And now comes “Jeb” Bush, a former Governor of Florida, whose qualifications is that he is relatively smarter than his brother, George, speaks fluent Spanish from his time in Mexico and is married to a Mexican wife who he met while in Mexico. He is a product and a beneficiary of the crony capitalist Northeastern liberal Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. He worked closely with his family on political issues and is knowledgeable about politics, domestic and foreign affairs. Other than his link to an upcoming Latino constituency, he appears to be another genial Bush without the type of leadership that would be required to halt the decline of the United States in an increasingly dangerous world.

Do we see a pattern of defeat?

The GOP needs reform. They had their chance, like Barack Obama, with the Presidency, House and Senate and they squandered their political capital in an orgy of special interest spending – giving new ammunition to the democrats who pointed out the hypocrisy of the Republicans as the party of fiscal responsibility.

The GOP needs reform. They put up Mitt Romney as their “business-oriented turnaround candidate,” failing to realize that he was a Northeastern Liberal from the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. No bold ideas. Playing it safe by looking Presidential – in the George Bush (43) mold. Nothing new here, move along electorate.

The GOP needs reform. They continue to adhere to a social agenda based on evangelical beliefs – getting mired down fighting abortion, gay marriage and other social subjects that hand the democrats major talking points and large constituencies.

The GOP needs reform. They refuse to state their platform and invite others to join them. They, for the most part, are a party of Old White Men who look at liberal, aisle-hopping RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like John McCain and Lindsey Graham as their core constituency.

The GOP needs reform. They look at Chris Christie, the loud, straight-talking Governor of New Jersey who fights for his constituents, and fail to see that he is a liberal Northeastern liberal that promises to be a louder and more open version of George Bush. They look at Bobby Jindal, an exotic-looking candidate who was one of the first people to openly criticize Mitt Romney after lobbying for a position as his Vice President.  

The GOP needs reform. They made a calculation and put forth Paul Ryan instead of Marco Rubio. Even Paul Ryan’s neighbors voted for the opposition.

The GOP needs reform. Their technology – in spite of the business connections – was inferior to the technology of democrats. It was if they put up Richard Viguerie’s old direct mail lists against the real-time social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Bottom line …

The GOP needs to step beyond the control of the Northeastern liberal elite of the Rockefeller wing of the Party with its crony capitalism to recruit, nurture and support  a conservative candidate like Ronald Reagan.

The GOP needs to go beyond the gentlemanly image of the Northeastern liberal and fight for what the believe – loud and dirty, not extending concessions to their opponents. Why Mitt Romney never hung Obama’s lack of documentary background, his dubious associations and his failure of leadership in Benghazi around Obama’s throat, will never be known.

The GOP needs to go beyond a biased mainstream media and take their campaign to the public. No more courting the public through the biased lens of the media who will distort and deny any and all messages that are resonating and getting traction.

The GOP needs to update their technology – and just not purchase and cobble together “off the shelf” older tech. Or rely on a limited number of consultants who are more interested in selling their tech after the election.

The GOP spent a BILLION dollars and got royally flushed. How the hell can this happen? By listening to faux strategists who know not of what they speak!

It is time to get conservative (sans the social issues), loud and proactive.  Even though the nature of the country appears to have substantially changed, human nature, wants and needs have not changed.

-- steve

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