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Enough with the real or staged deaths of Palestinian children who are killed in Gaza. We know who is to blame and it is not the Israelis. So who cares how many children die in Gaza?

Certainly not the leadership of Hamas or other terrorist factions as they continue their international extortion scheme to line their own pockets will billions of dollars from an international community that has been falsely led to believe that it is going for “humanitarian aid.”

Certainly not Iran who smuggles arms – particularly rockets and now guided missiles – into the country.

Certainly not the soldiers who place weaponry next to schools, hospitals, playgrounds and Mosques – hoping that return fire will create a large number of civilian deaths, particularly children – so the news can be exploited in a propaganda war.

Certainly not the actual leaders who fail to separate their offical duties from their family lives – and who are surrounded with children, family and friends as they go about their daily duties. Putting all around them at needless jeopardy.

But what does the media see?

The corrupt and one-sided media sees Israel as the aggressor although hundreds of rockets are fired at civilian population areas without regard for human life. Keeping tension and nerves high as the ultimate goal of terrorism. Truth be told, Israel’s strikes are targeted and designed to spare non-combatants. Perhaps the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have never rung so true. “If Israel lays down her arms, there will be no Israel. If the Arabs lay down their arms, there will be peace.”

Bottom line …

We have a dangerous religious culture that has been taught over centuries to welcome death as a martyr rather than celebrate life. People who believe that if innocents are killed, it is a blessing and the person is on a magic carpet ride to the promised land.

We have members of a dangerous international community willing to exploit the pain and suffering of others in order to distract their people from the oppression, poverty and their lack of human rights. With one such member, Saudi Arabia, allegedly bribing terrorists to not attack their Kingdom and funding the spread of militant Islam worldwide through their Mosque-building program.

Our two biggest enemies in the region Iran and Saudi Arabia are facing the most awesome American weapon to date. America’s energy independence!! Where America will no longer be locked into assisting rogue Islamic states to keep the oil flowing. Providing problems for both China and Russia who want nothing to do with the very same Islamicists who want them all dead. In ten to twenty years, demographics will have rendered Iran impotent, unable to raise a large army of young men – so they look at nuclear weaponry much as does North Korea, a means for the corrupt regime to survive and blackmail the international community into supporting them.

Will they use such a weapon against Israel, perhaps not. After all, if Israel is gone – they have no excuse for their behavior, that is if they survive Israel’s nuclear counter-strike which is sure to be aimed at ALL Arab countries and not just the apparent aggressor. Even if the weapon was used by terrorists – the main purveyors of Islam will be held responsible. Perhaps even Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia will be destroyed. Because, after that point, there is no downside for severely crippling a toxic religion.

If you feel sorry for the innocent children of Gaza, just remember it was their parents and religious leaders who taught them blind hatred. And ultimately it is their parents and their religious leaders who are responsible for their deaths. 

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