We have seen Northeastern Liberals promote the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party. George Bush 41 and 43 were Rockefeller Republicans. Mitt Romney was a Rockefeller Republican. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are Rockefeller Republicans. All with an exaggerated sense of a political scene which has not existed for years. Where one referred to hated rivals as “my good friend from …” when speaking in public. Why is Karl Rove treated as a hero? Why do people still listen to ex-Clintonista, Dick Morris.

Make no mistake about it, Chris Christie is a Rockefeller Republican … a loud one, but one nevertheless.

GOP people are already speaking of Paul Ryan as if he were an embarrassment to the party. GOP people are attacking Mitt Romney for not delivering the Presidency and the Senate. But how could he, he feigned anger – but would never get down and dirty. Never once embarrassing President Obama on his inability to call out terrorists. Never once asking about Benghazi while standing on the national stage.

Ryan is a nice guy. Rubio is a nice guy. And both will finish last.

Alan West is a scrapper – willing to call a spade a spade – not giving up when he election was obviously corrupted. But the GOP looks at Alan West as they did the outrageous Alan Grayson, another person unafraid to speak his mind. When will the GOP stand behind a guy like Alan West – a conservative with courage?

So who is on the short list to grab the Senate in 2014? And who is on the short list that can stand against the democrats of 2016 for the presidency?

Bottom line …

If the GOP thinks the nation’s economy will tank and allow the GOP an easy victory, they are sadly mistaken. You cannot convince the minority coalition to change their voting ways without a compelling case or new entitlements. The GOP had the perfect storm. A lousy economy. A deeply flawed President. Everything pointed to a GOP victory. And, as usual, the GOP snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. By letting the President campaign for two years without demanding he govern. By letting the GOP presidential candidates spend all of their time, energy and money attacking each other – providing daily talking points for the administration. By not calling out the corrupt and biased media like Newt Gingrich. And worst of all, letting the opposition stage and monitor their debates – with disastrous effects.   

When I hear that the GOP is represented by John McCain and Lindsey Graham, I am pleased that I re-registered as an independent. Here in California the GOP is dead. The democrats have a super-majority, a liberal population voting for more taxes, our own version of Obamacare and Cap-and-Trade – and we are screwed. The people keep electing socialists and minorities that pander to their own coalitions – representing the special interests who fund their campaigns rather than “We the People.”

As my best friend says repeatedly, it’s not going to change – we’re doomed. And the worst thing of all, I cannot muster one scenario that says he is wrong.

-- steve

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