Proof: Obama Refused to Call Benghazi 'Terror,' CBS Covered Up -- THE PRESIDENT LIED AFTER AMERICANS DIED!

Victoria’s Secret -- Justin Bieber -- Rihanna MORE IMPORTANT THAN RESCUE WORKERS!

Putting things in perspective in New York! Celebrities and fashion events trump disaster relief and military!

Hurricane-relief Guardsmen tossed out of armory - for Victoria's Secret show

The Victoria’s Secret show must go on — even if it means kicking out hardworking men and women in uniform.

Dozens of National Guardsmen, and Army and Air Force personnel who have been sleeping at Manhattan’s Lexington Armory in between hurricane-relief shifts are being booted — to make room for Victoria’s Secret models in anticipation of Wednesday’s runway show. About 300 uniformed personnel have been bunking down at the armory at various times since Sandy hit. But their numbers will be reduced to 60 by Wednesday for the event, which is featuring Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

The military workers will be relocated to the Jacob Javits Center, Harlem Armory and hotels such as the Marriott East Side and Ramada East Side — where they’ll bunk five to 10 per room on the government’s dime, sources said. “It’s going to be tight. It’s not ideal,’’ said one Air National Guardsman. Last night, about 150 of the personnel were crammed into a space meant for 50 as Victora’s Secret workers moved in equipment and set up temporary dressing rooms. A massive transformer generator was being brought in for the show, and a huge Sony video board was hauled to the site. The military workers will be allowed to return to their armory digs on Thursday. <Source: Victoria’s Secret show tosses hurricane-relief Guardsmen out of armory ->

Ever wonder why the liberals are so engrossed with celebrities over the realities of life? Billionaire New York Mayor Bloomberg should have been screaming for more assistance for his constituents – all of his constituents, not just the uptown wealthy who seemed to have weathered the brunt of the storm.

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