The Muslims riot over a cartoon, but sit idly by as Saudia Arabia turns the Mecca house of one of the Prophet’s wives into a public toilet …
Red Cross collects millions, hands out hot chocolate, cookies?


Update 12/2012:  The problem has been solved -- Mark's blog and the fulfillment site now show his book priced at $2.99 -- and all is well. I wonder if the fulfillment site will refund the $2.00 they erroneously collected to the people who purchased the book for $4.99? Given Mark's attention to detail, it was only a matter of time until he fixed the problem.  

Update:   Mark Cuban discussing the “branding”  of Fox News Should Watch Dancing with the Stars with a post dated Nov 8th 2012 1:03AM and yet, the site’s $2.99 book offer still points to a $4.99 offer. And, ever the master marketer, even the link in his “Blogs I Read” offering a $3.00 book points to a $4.74 offer on Amazon.


It’s not like I did not reach out and tell them about the problem …

November 3, 2012 --

“Thanks a lot for sending this over. We're aware of the issue and have alerted the book's publisher (Diversion Books). We actually don't control the price that's displayed on Mark's website; we're given the price by the publisher and then once you click the buy button our system sells at the price we've been given (the price was originally $2.99; Mark's site hasn't yet been updated to reflect the price change). Thanks again for the alert and let me know if I can clarify anything else.”

November 4, 2012 --

“As you'd probably imagine, contractually I can't offer the book at any price other than that determined by the publisher. I can check with them if you'd like?”

In the old days of mail-order and direct mail (think Sunset House, Walter Drake, Miles Kimball, Spencer Gifts, etc.), this would have been a no-brainer for customer service. Here is your book FREE, sorry for the mix-up in pricing. A wonderful opportunity to extend trust-building customer service to your loyal customers.

However, in the digital age, there is a form of algorithmic revenge …


So I am telling Amazon about the lower price and pointing them to Cuban’s web site to see what will happen.

Original Blog Entry …

While I am sure that there must be a “technical error” somewhere, I was rather put off when I tried to buy Cuban’s book – advertised at $2.99.


And when you push the “$2.99 Buy Now” button ( this is what happens …


Bottom line …

Mark demands attention to details and accountability, so I am taking him at his word. And forwarding this to his bookseller. I will let you know what happens.

-- steve

P.S. I already had purchased the book in April from Amazon for $2.51 – so it’s not like I need a free copy.

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