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Most politicians do not understand. It’s not that the public is against legitimate taxation that provides for public safety, the repair or replacement of our crumbling infrastructure or to improve the quality of life in the community, it’s the waste, fraud and abuse of those funds. The corrupt political maneuvering which siphons off the majority of funding to assist “politically advantageous” special interests or funding public employee pension funds which are rife with fraud and mismanagement.

Why should the taxpayer vote for higher taxes when the dollars slated for education result in shoring up union pension shortfalls? Why should taxpayers vote for higher taxes when the dollars slated for public safety are pumped into police and fire pensions – covering cubicle workers as if they were first responders? Why should the taxpayers fund massive new school building projects to aid landowners, developers and contractors when the schools themselves cannot produce adequately educated students?

It’s all about waste, fraud and abuse of the system. A system which allows numerous boards and commissions to provide five- and six-figure salaries to washed-up or termed-out professional politicians while they consider their next move. Or allow office personnel and supplies money to be used for hiring family members?

Bottom line …

Truth be told, there is plenty of money to accomplish public wants and needs. It’s just that so much of it is diverted into special interest projects which benefit the politicians and their special interest supporters rather than the people. It is time to rectify this problem, by throwing out incumbents – and especially those who pander to only a segment of their constituents for political advantage.

I say, enough is enough.

-- steve 

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