Are you about to be screwed via e-mail sent in error by an unknown third party?

It worked for Obama: 38-year old democrat socialist San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is writing his autobiography, perhaps he will try for a Nobel Peace Prize too?

What is this world coming to when middle-aged men are writing their autobiographies in the hopes of winning higher office? Especially if such middle-aged men grew up in a household headed by a radical socialist and Mexican activist. Julian Castro’s mother was a Chicano political activist who helped establish the Chicano political party La Raza Unida. If anyone cares to translate La Raza, they will find it is “The Race” – and they are referring to Mexicans – not Americans.

So we have a well-educated (affirmative action program, Stanford), well-spoken, telegenic radical activist who is pandering to a particular class of people. Something that persuaded the Democrat National Committee to provide Castro with a “historic opportunity” to deliver the keynote address at the 2012 DNC National Convention at Charlotte.

Bottom line …

Will there be anything left of the United States after the women and Hispanics take their turn at plundering our nation with their corrupt incompetence. Think about what the democrat party has given us: Jimmy Carter (the father of Islamo-Fascism), Bill Clinton (the paragon of corruption and the father of the Korean Nuclear Bomb), and Barack Obama who nationalized over one-sixth of the American economy, enlarged the government and blew out our national debt.

Time to revitalize the GOP or even a third party to resist these corrupt, pandering, inept and incompetent politicians who rely on a deeply divided America and a coalition of victims to win office.

-- steve

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