The enemy within? Moderate Muslims in America -- Maybe not so much!

Israel is at war -- declared or undeclared -- as long as rockets are fired into population centers!

Where is the international condemnation of the continuing terrorist attacks on Israel that see rockets routinely fired into population centers? What legitimizes these attacks in the eyes of the international community so that they do not feel compelled to take action? And why should the greater population of an enemy state or territory not suffer the consequences of terrorists who routinely use hospitals, schools and places of worship to launch their attacks so any retaliation is instantly portrayed in the media as killing “innocent” children and other civilians? Even if they have to fake the pictures as often proven by before and after shots of the “gravely injured” leaping off their stretchers and walking away unscathed.


Above Photo: Hamas missile launch site in the Gaza Strip, one-half a block from a mosque and children’s playground according to aerial photographs provided by the Israel Defense Forces.

It is time to speak up for Israel or lose the moral authority to speak on behalf of peace and democracy. It is time for the United States to tell the Arabs, enough. You want peace, you contain Hamas, Hezbollah and other splinter groups. And it is certainly time to issue a warning to both Iran and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism. Perhaps going even farther and sanctioning Saudi Arabia for funding terrorism in return for a pledge not to overthrow the Kingdom.

Where is the human rights commissions that see outrageous barbarity inflicted against citizens it purports to protect? Where is the United Nations in recognizing that the greatest percentage of worldwide terrorism is associated with Muslims?

Where is the bright line to save human lives – instead of playing games with food, water and carbon credits?

What if Mexican terrorists attacked the United States in a similar manner?  

Gaza terrorists fire two rockets at Tel Aviv

Booms were heard following an air raid siren in Tel Aviv Thursday evening, just an hour after a rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field outside of Rishon Lezion. There were no reports of injuries in either strike. The attacks mark the first time the center of the country was hit in the renewed violence from the Gaza Strip. The incident was also the first time that a real siren was sounded in Tel Aviv since the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the rocket on Tel Aviv. <Source>

Bottom line …

It is time to stop playing political games with human lives. It is time to call a “spade a spade” and take affirmative action to halt aggression which is little more than a power play for control over people for the purposes of enriching a small band of zealots.

No better words have been said than those of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “If Israel lays down her arms, there will be no Israel. If the Arabs lay down their arms, there will be peace.” Time and time again, we have seen Arabs and Iranians engage in aggression to further their political goals in increasing their power and influence in the region. It matters little whether or not they are doing it for political or religious reasons. The fact that they deny their own people any type of freedom is proof enough that there is something fundamentally wrong with these nation-states and the people who purport to lead them.

It is also time to cut off the flow of funds. Enough with being extorted on the outside chance these people will make peace. It is also time to cut off the mechanisms whereby these corrupt leaders stash billions of dollars meant to alleviate the pain and suffering of their own people in their personal bank accounts – for a well-heeled retirement should they actually survive the conflict.

It is time for the educators to burn the textbooks which foment hate and intolerance at an early age. If children keep learning that Jews are the problem, then the problems in the Middle East will never be solved.

-- steve

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