Obama and White House apparently not concerned about lying to the American people?
It worked for Obama: 38-year old democrat socialist San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is writing his autobiography, perhaps he will try for a Nobel Peace Prize too?


I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Bill Clinton is requesting the public’s help to pay off a paltry $73,000 campaign debt. Here is the man who is worth multiple millions and who has lived off the taxpayers for much of his life. So why doesn’t this cheap bastard simply write a check and retire the debt? OPM – Because they never spend their own money – only Other People’s Money. OPM, the mantra of the democrat party, and to be fair, politicians in general.

What is he hiding behind this request? That he could get the Saudis and big corporations to donate multi-millions to his foundation, but can't get one of his millionaire friends to ante up a relatively few bucks.

Me thinks something stinks …

I personally think Bill Clinton is preparing his e-mail and social media assets for a Hillary for President in 2016. Hoping that the women of this nation will reprise what the blacks have done for Barack Obama and go all in to elect Hillary as an “historic” event.

Pretty much why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found when it comes to providing answers about HER State Department and the CIA gun-running to our enemies in Benghazi, Libya. Why she will not say if the facility attacked was a consulate or simply a meeting or transfer point in Obama’s gun-running scheme. Why she will not answer the question why we were the only flag in the neighborhood when the British and Red Cross pulled out due to the danger posed by al Qaeda terrorists or their affiliate.

Perhaps the answer will come to her as did the Whitewater law firm billing records – out of a cloud, left on a table for others to discover.

The story …

Bill Clinton asks for help with Hillary’s 2008 campaign debt

Bill Clinton isn’t finished campaigning just yet.

Amid speculation that Hillary Clinton might make a run for the presidency in 2016, her husband is taking another swing at shrinking her lingering 2008 campaign debt, which totals $73,000 as of Sept. 30.

In an email to supporters Wednesday, Bill Clinton offered a chance to spend a day with him if donors chipped in to drive down his wife’s campaign debt before Dec. 6.

”There is nothing I enjoy more than good conversation with good people, which is why I’ve enjoyed it so much whenever we’ve brought one of Hillary’s strongest supporters to New York to spend the day with me — and I’m happy to tell you that I’ve asked to do it again,” the email said.

Since becoming the nation’s top diplomat, Hillary Clinton can’t involve herself in any campaigning, which has left Bill Clinton to help out with debt reduction. In June 2008, after losing the Democratic nomination to President Barack Obama, the debt totaled $25 million, according to CBS, and since then, Bill Clinton has pitched similar emails and raffles. <Source: Bill Clinton asks supporters to help reduce Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign debt - POLITICO.com>

Bottom line …

The campaign is starting now and the GOP better figure out a way to hang Benghazi and all of her previous scandals around her neck while combatting charges they are anti-woman. It appears that if we follow the current pattern of events in America, we must elect a woman – no matter how corrupt or incompetent – because it is their turn. This is bull pucky and the GOP needs to slap down potential candidates sooner rather than later or find themselves, as they were in this most recent election cycle, outgunned by the bad guys.

-- steve

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