Liberal mainstream media SCREAMING about Mitt Romney's taxes while staying QUIET on Obama's shocking lack of documentary evidence of eligibility and potential crimes!

Why is the mainstream media concentrating on Mitt Romney’s taxes?

  • It can’t be criminal wrongdoing which has been suggested by some. That would involve the Internal Revenue Service – something that was bound to eventually leak into the media.
  • It can’t be the “optics.” We know Mitt Romney is a wealthy individual and exactly how Romney made his money.

So it must be a classic case of misdirection …

With only weeks to go before the election, don’t look at President Obama’s record because it is abysmal. Full of cronyism, fraud, waste and abuse. And that goes for both his domestic and foreign agendas. Why the American public is not outraged by send over $2 BILLION dollars to sworn Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Egypt – people who are openly fomenting terrorism worldwide.

From the Soros-funded mainstream media investigative journalism organization ProPublica … 

What We Still Don’t Know About Mitt Romney’s Taxes

With the documents Mitt Romney released recently, we know a bit more about his taxes.

We know, for instance, that Romney paid a rate of 14.1 percent on $13.7 million in income on his 2011 tax return, which he achieved by purposely overpaying. Though he was entitled to deduct $4 million in charitable contributions, Romney deducted only $2.25 million to keep his tax rate above 13 percent.

Since ProPublica cannot possibly know the strategies of Romney’s tax advisors, they cannot know that he purposely overpaid his taxes for political reasons. This is rank speculation and the type of soft slur/suggestion that is used to smear a candidate.

(Romney, it has been pointed out, could file an amended return to claim the full deduction after the election. We've contacted the Romney campaign, and Michele Davis, a spokeswoman, assured us he would not do so.)

Another soft slur suggesting a course of action that could be used to mislead the American public in the run-up to the election. If anything the democrats are masters of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” school of politics.

We know, according to a letter from his accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers, that Romney has paid state and federal income taxes each year since at least 1990, which would seem to disprove Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim in July that Romney had not paid any taxes for a decade. And we know that Romney’s tax rate since 1990 never dipped below 13.66 percent, according to his accountants. Romney paid an average effective tax rate between 1990 and 2009 of 20.2 percent.

But there’s still a lot we don’t know. “I think most of the major questions we had before [last Friday] are still out there,” said Brian Galle, a tax law professor at Boston College. Here are a few: 

How much did Romney make before 2010?

While Romney has disclosed his average effective tax rate for the last two decades, he hasn’t said how much he earned in those years or how much — the dollar amount — he paid in taxes.

That’s an important distinction, said Daniel Shaviro, a tax law professor at New York University. Various tax-planning strategies  may have enabled Romney to reduce his adjusted gross income in some years.

In 2008, for instance, investors everywhere lost money when the stock market tanked. Romney may have carried those losses forward, Shaviro said, and used them to reduce his adjusted gross income in 2009. While we know Romney paid at least 13.66 percent of the income he recorded on his taxes in a given year, we don’t know what percentage he paid of the money actually took home that year.

Amazing how these liberal tax lawyers  -- academics really – know about Romney’s tax strategies.

Why is Romney’s IRA worth so much?


What about Romney’s investments offshore?


To read the snipped portions or the entire “hit piece” in context, it can be found at What We Still Don’t Know About Mitt Romney’s Taxes – ProPublica.

What the mainstream media is AFRAID to ask …

  • Why are the Birth Certificate documents released by the White House being questioned by reputable document examiners with expertise in questionable documents?
  • Why doesn’t Obama release the State of Hawaii to simply show the actual copy of the birth certificate “in situ” – in its original setting to a panel of respected judges?

Could it be because the actual birth certificate might have a “communist” listed as his true father or that there is a “corrected” version as some have alleged?

  • Why does Barack Obama appear to have a Social Security Number belonging to a long dead Connecticut man?
  • Did Barack Obama use a foreign passport to skirt the laws that prevented Americans from traveling to Muslim Pakistan?
  • What was the purpose of Obama’s trip to Pakistan with three friends?
  • Does Obama’s school records show him registered as a “foreign student?”
  • Does Obama’s records show him perjuring himself and seeking aid as a “foreign” student?
  • Why did Barack and Michelle Obama really surrender their law licenses?
  • Why has Barack Obama’s minions spent over a reported $2.8 million dollars in legal fees to keep his records hidden from the public?
  • Are the errors, omissions and lies in his book deliberate attempts to mislead? Like the book jacket that describes him as being born in Kenya?

How this purported “investigative” article plays out in the expanding media …


And the drumbeat goes on.

Bottom line …

The mainstream media has failed the American public. They no longer are willing to speak truth to power and they certainly do not deserve the esteem in which they were previously held. Reflected by their declining ratings and influence among ordinary Americans.

Don’t be distracted by this manufactured misdirection, throw Obama and his fellow travelers in the House and the Senate out of office. Before the America you know and love vanishes before your very eyes into a form of French Socialism with Greek accounting.

-- steve

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