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UPDATE: East Aurora board repeals district transgender policy

On National Spirit day, a day when millions of Americans are encouraged to wear purple to speak out against bullying and show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens, the East Aurora School board voted to repeal a recently passed policy aiming to protect the rights of LGBT youth.

At a board meeting Monday, board members unanimously approved a policy addressing the rights of transgender students. On Friday, in a special meeting, that policy was rescinded. Only four of the board’s seven members were on hand for the vote. Mary Anne Turza and Stella Gonzalez were out of the country, and board member Ray Hull left the meeting early to attend his child’s Senior Night activities. Christie Aird, the district’s assistant superintendent of secondary education who formed the policy and brought it to the board, has been put on administrative leave

Board President Annette Johnson told the audience that when Aird brought the policy to the board in July, board members assumed it was simply being updated to comply with state guidelines. Because of that, the board cast its approval with no discussion or review.

“People are going to say, ‘Didn’t you read your own policy?Well, no,” Johnson said. She added that she trusted that Aird and the district’s attorney were simply following protocol. Aird, “pulled the wool over our eyes,” and brought the policy forward without following the proper procedures, Johnson said. “We assumed all of the steps were being followed...

Aurora resident and East Aurora School District mother Kathy Davis took the podium Friday and applauded Aird for her progressive thinking. Dr. Aird has gone above and beyond by bringing up something that no one else would touch,” Davis said. “To know someone like her who will stand out and do whatever it takes to protect the kids makes me proud, happy and thankful.”

Bottom line …

Schools should be safe and secure for ALL students regardless of their status. If the school cannot provide the requisite safety, let those people resign now and have others take their place. Accommodating the wishes of squirrely teenagers is often a bad idea, especially when they must be prepared for future reality in the real world.

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It is amazing the lengths to which liberals will go to promote political correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalency …

East Aurora OKs transgender policy

The East Aurora school board voted to unanimously approve a policy that affects transgendered students Monday night. The policy set forth several guidelines for school administrators to use when addressing the needs and rights of transgender and gender nonconforming students. The policy also addresses how state laws should be implemented.

The new policy specifically states that transgendered and gender nonconforming students have the right use the restroom that corresponds to their gender-related identity that is consistently asserted at school. The student has the right to be addressed by the name they want to be called, too.

“A court-ordered name or gender change is not required, and the student needs not change his or her official records,” the policy states. In most cases, transgendered students should have access to the locker room that corresponds to their gender-related identity, according to the policy.

A transgender student is a student whose gender-related identity is different from their gender assigned at birth; a gender nonconforming student is a student whose gender expression differs from stereotypical expectations. <Source: East Aurora OKs transgender policy - Aurora Beacon News>

Bottom line …

This appears to be the continuation of the liberal pussification of America. Where women teachers continue their attempt to make little boys more like easier-managed little girls.

Traditional lessons of manhood, sticking up for yourself and handling taunts and bullying, are all being bred out of the program. Forcing people to turn to government and other authority to resolve their grievances. In my day, I would punch someone in the nose at lunch and be friends by the end of the week. Dodge-ball, football and other games were contact sports. No medals for showing up at sporting events. You knew who won and who lost. Who was smart and who emulated a rock.  

Adding to gender confusion by allowing children to play out their fantasies may be dangerous in the long term – when they discovered that their teachers can no longer protect them and that the world is not so accommodating to their high-maintenance needs.

One need only consider what might happen when a transgendered girl decides to use the boy’s bathroom or locker room? Similarly, what the mean girls might do to a boy when their privacy is invaded?

Perhaps instead of promoting the comfort of a relatively few kids, the administration sticks with a gender-appropriate policy and offers additional counseling. Instead of encouraging unusual behavior, perhaps the best policy is DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and let the children work it out for themselves without liberal guidance.

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