OBAMA’S SURPRISE FOR THE DEBATE - Obama cuts deal with Iran over nukes. Valerie Jarrett involved?


Neither intelligent nor wise … some idiot at the Israel Project commissioned a poll through Greenberg Quinlan Rosner to question Egyptians on Iran.

  1. Who gives a crap what the average Egyptian thinks of Iran or nuclear weaponry. They have virtually no say or influence on their country’s foreign policy or the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood?
  2. What is the purpose of such a poll if not for propaganda and/or political reasons within the United States?
  3. Who actually conducted the poll in Egypt and under what conditions would anyone actually speak about such issues – possibly under a threat to their life?
  4. If such a poll has any probative value, why wasn’t it conducted on behalf of American intelligence agencies? 

New poll: Egyptians turning toward Iran, want nuclear weapons

A poll of Egyptians conducted last month shows that they have increasingly positive views of Iran, believe that both Iran and Egypt should obtain nuclear weapons, and still trust their own military more than any other institution in Egypt.

The poll of 812 Egyptians, half of them women, was conducted in a series of in-person interviews by the firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and sponsored by the Israel Project, a pro-Israel advocacy organization with offices in Washington and Jerusalem. According to the poll,

  • Iran is viewed favorably in Egypt, with 65 percent of those surveyed expressing support of the decision to renew Egypt-Iran relations and 61 percent expressing support of the Iranian nuclear project, versus 41 percent in August 2009.
  • Sixty-two percent of those polled agreed that "Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are friends of Egypt," though 68 percent held unfavorable views of Shiite Muslims.
  • Eighty-seven percent of respondents want Egypt to have its own nuclear bomb.

Israel Project CEO Josh Block told The Cable that the statistics show the effect of Morsy's outreach to Iran and the danger of regional proliferation of nuclear weapons if Iran is successful in obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Now we get to American politics … as if anyone gives a rat’s behind about what Egyptians think about the election …

"American politicians fared poorly in the poll, but among them

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the most popular at 25 percent favorability.
  • President Barack Obama scored 16 percent and
  • Republican nominee Mitt Romney only 8 percent,
  • although only half of Egyptians polled knew who Romney was.
  • (Ahmadinejad's favorability rating? Forty-three percent.)
  • Most Egyptians don't seem to buy Romney's line that Obama has "thrown Israel under the bus," but they're not too happy about his handling of the region, either.
  • Asked, "Do you think that President Barack Obama is more on the side of Arabs or more on the side of Israel?," 68 percent of Egyptians said Israel, and 60 percent said that Obama's presidency had been "a negative thing" for the Arab world.
  • 39% of the Egyptians polled expressed interest in learning more about Israel, especially it's political system.

The Israel Project runs an outreach program to the Arab world, focusing on social media. Its Facebook page is called "redacted to prevent the spread of stupidity.">  <Source: New poll: Egyptians turning toward Iran, want nuclear weapons | The Cable>

Bottom line …

This is the type of self-serving “full of crap” poll that purports to be of legitimate value. It is nothing more than a joke – an attempt to drive significant traffic to its Facebook page using a pure political propaganda play to influence American voters – and cannot be trusted. Are we to believe that some Egyptian in the midst of a war-torn country undergoing severe economic, social and political upheaval opines on Mitt Romney and other American politicians.

This poll is not even worth printing out to use as a liner in a birdcage.

-- steve

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