Liberal mainstream media SCREAMING about Mitt Romney's taxes while staying QUIET on Obama's shocking lack of documentary evidence of eligibility and potential crimes!
Why the Arabs are always angry at the Israelis!


Facebook users volunteer the most personal details of their lives … lulled by the impression they are chatting with their “friends.” Ignoring the commercial data-mining that supports targeted advertising, consider that the government is now obtaining the type of information it may be prohibited from law (regarding the collection, storage and use of information) if they were to do it themselves and store it in government databases.

So why is this story disturbing?

Russia pushes Facebook to open research center

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg was in Moscow on Monday, where top officials were pressing him to expand the company's operations in Russia. Russia's communications minister tweeted that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged the social media giant's founder to abandon plans to lure away Russian programmers and instead open a research center in Moscow. A Facebook spokeswoman, who refused to be named because she wasn't authorized to discuss the matter with the media, said the company has no immediate expansion plans for Russia.<Source: News from The Associated Press>

  1. Can you imagine a better method of spying on the American public and its elected officials (many of which have Facebook accounts)?
  2. Can you imagine a better method of inserting malicious code on to American computers – and possibly those connected to government agencies?
  3. Can you image a better method for data-mining of corporate secrets and performing industrial espionage?

Not that this is not already happening, but the locus of activities would be on foreign soil, subject to foreign justice – highly manipulated by the state for the state’s benefit.

Bottom line …

Social media may be the Trojan Horse that helps breach America’s security.

-- steve

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