How BLIND is Diane Feinstein – or is she just another one of Obama’s fellow travelers?

Gun Control: Madonna -- Irresponsible Limousine Liberal is what is wrong with the left …

They scream about gun control, yet make their living committing faux crimes and using weapons improperly to shock their audiences …

How stupid is Madonna to pull a gun on her audience and pretending to shoot into a crowd?

Madonna Angers Denver Audience By Pretending To Shoot Guns Into Crowd

DENVER (CBS4/AP)Some Colorado fans are upset after music superstar Madonna used guns during a performance. Madonna started her show Thursday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver with a gun scene, which she has used in previous performances. She was also accused of being more than three hours late to the show.

People took to social media to complain about how they were offended she used guns and violence as part of her show in light of recent events in the state that included a mass shooting at a theater during a Batman movie on July 20 that left 12 people dead. “Really, Madonna? Keep Denver waiting 3 hours, then open with guns? And pretend to shoot people in the front of the theater? And that’s art?” one woman said on Twitter.

Another woman tweeted: “Madonna 3 hours late for Pepsi Center concert with no apology, then proceeds with ‘Bang Bang’ in city plagued with gun violence.”

Weasel words …

Madonna released a statement saying the guns used in the show are “metaphors.” “I do not condone violence or the use of guns,” Madonna said. “Rather they are symbols of wanting to appear strong and wanting to find a way to stop feelings that I find hurtful or damaging. In my case it’s wanting to stop the lies and hypocrisy of the church, the intolerance of many narrow minded cultures and societies I have experienced throughout my life and in some cases the pain I have felt from having my heart broken.” <Source:  Madonna Angers Denver Audience By Pretending To Shoot Guns Into Crowd « CBS Denver>

I call bullshit …

Enough with the artistic psycho-babble trying to justify an action that deliberately uses guns to attract media attention. Madonna is aging and her unattractive, shocking and pathetic attempts to generate media attention are wearing thin. Madonna is part of the liberal left culture that rails about gun control and the deaths of children, but do everything in their power to denigrate the NRA and its gun safety message. Enough with the liberal hypocrisy.

And the type of good news that is almost never reported …

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder During Home Invasion In Bryan County

BRYAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A 12-year-old girl took matters into her own hands during a home invasion in southeast Oklahoma.

It happened on Wednesday when the girl was home alone. She told police a stranger rang the doorbell, then went around to the back door and kicked it in. She called her mom, Debra St. Clair, who told her to get the family gun, hide in a closet and call 911. That was when St. Clair dropped what she doing and raced home. The during that time, the intruder made his way through the house. St. Clair's daughter told deputies the man came into the room where she was hiding and began to open up the closet door. That was when the 12-year-old had to make a life-saving decision. "And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door," said the Bryan County Undersheriff Ken Golden.

The bullet hit the intruder, who deputies identified as 32-year-old Stacey Jones. He took off but did not get far before officers took him down. "He was sitting down, the policemen had him apprehended at the end of the block. All I saw was some blood coming down his back. I'm not exactly sure where his injury was, but I saw some blood there," explained St. Clair. Jones was taken to a Texas hospital by helicopter after the incident. An investigator on the case said Jones was released from the hospital Thursday and extradited to the Bryan County Jail.

The 12-year-old girl was not injured during the ordeal. <Source>

Bottom line …

Here you have examples of a misbehaved adult and a well-behaved (and obviously gun-trained) little girl who used a gun as a self defense force multiplier. It remains to be seen if the perpetrator is going to find a liberal lawyer to sue the little girl and her family for violating his “civil rights.”

As for Madonna, perhaps she should be charged with brandishing a weapon in public (according to liberal dictums) and sentenced to an NRA gun safety program. About her bad taste, nothing can cure that.

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