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Why is the best reporting on American intelligence coming from European sources …

Contrary to popular belief, the Cuban missile crisis did not end with the agreement between the US and Soviet Union in October, 1962. Unknown to the US at the time, there were 100 other nuclear weapons also in the hands of Cuba, sparking a frantic - and ingenious - Russian mission to recover them. Read this fascinating story at the BBC.

And what the Americans were not told, is that this was not a unilateral move by the Soviet Union, but a countermove to the United States placing American missiles in Turkey could strike almost anywhere in the Soviet Union. Khrushchev feared that the imbalance would tempt the U.S. to launch a first strike. <Source>

Thus. the compelling story told by Kennedy wouldn’t have been so compelling if the American people had known that the United States was the provocateur on European soil and the Russian response was a counter-move.

So what makes this important today?

It appears that the Obama Administration – also democrats – are lying to the American people when it comes to foreign policy. Putting out the word that the 9/11 attack on our consulate in Libya was provoked by a anti-Islamic video trailer virtually nobody has seen, either here or abroad. Definitely a pretext to keep the American people from knowing that Obama’s foreign policy did not improve relationship with Islamic countries and the war on terrorism did not end with the death of Osama bin Laden.

So while President Obama did not want the American public to know the depths of his failure – especially trying to disarm the embassy/consular protection services to avoid a “Blackwater-style” protection force on foreign soil – he doomed the four Americans to death. What he did not say is that the Consulate apparently had real-time situation reporting to the State Department – and possibly to the White House – so they knew it was a 9/11 anniversary terrorist attack.

Even knowing the facts, the Administration sent United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday news programs to lie to the American public. Now both Obama and Biden have doubled down on denial – claiming that they related the best intelligence at that time. An obvious lie.

It appears that we cannot trust Obama and his fellow travelers with our economy or foreign policy. Time to throw the bums out of office on November 6, 2012.

It is one thing to ask the American people to make sacrifices for the nation’s well-being. It is quite another thing to ask Americans to sacrifice in order to fund special interests who are profiting from our conflicts around the world – and which have absolutely no chance to succeed. Or pursuing a “green economy” which means a lower standard of living, higher costs and fewer American freedoms.

-- steve

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