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Ira Mehlman, the Media Director at FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) has once again annoyed me by pointing out that, in Obama’s socialist paradise, some animals are more equal than others …  

No Consequences for Violating U.S. Laws -- High Profile Illegal Alien Avoids Deportation

On Friday, an illegal alien was stopped for wearing headphones while driving in Minneapolis. Police found he was driving on a revoked license and arrested him. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) then checked his status through the Secure Communities Program and determined he was in the country illegally.

The man arrested, Jose Antonio Vargas, was no ordinary illegal alien however. He is an award winning journalist and a politically active crusader for mass amnesty. He chronicled his “coming out” in a major New York Times Magazine feature article last year that was heralded as a bold statement of defiance by the open-borders groups encouraging others to do the same.

ICE has decided that Vargas is not a priority for removal. Instead of being deported, Vargas has become the latest beneficiary of the Obama administration’s prosecutorial discretion policy that allows illegal aliens who haven’t committed violent felonies to remain in the U.S. According to an ICE spokeswoman, Vargas doesn’t meet the agency’s priorities to remove “public safety threats, recent border crossers and egregious immigration law violators...” These priorities are reflected in memos issued by ICE Director John Morton last year.

This is a clear and present example that the Obama Administration is not only overlooking the violation of our immigration laws, but aiding and abetting other criminal behavior. Consider what other crimes may have been committed by Vargas – crimes that would see ordinary Americans fined or jailed if they were found guilty of identity theft/fraud, committing perjury, and using forged or stolen documents to circumvent the TSA and DHS rules which purportedly protect us against terrorism. What do you think would happen to any American who was caught with a forged or stolen passport – trying to use these documents to enter secure travel areas, federal buildings – OR THE WHITE HOUSE itself.

Vargas gets to stay because openly flouting immigration law and admitting to violating a series of other U.S. laws, is no longer enough to be prosecuted or deported. Vargas admits he:

  • Possibly entered the country illegally – brought by a “coyote” on what may have been a fake passport, by his own description;
  • Obtained and used a fake green card and Filipino passport;
  • Used fake documents to fraudulently obtain a Social Security Number;
  • Doctored copies of a Social Security card to eliminate the phrase “Valid for work only with INS authorization;”
  • Falsely claimed U.S. citizenship on IRS Form I-9;
  • Fraudulently obtained driver’s license twice – once in Oregon (expired), again in Washington (revoked after New York Times Magazine story);
  • Used fake and/or fraudulently obtained documents to enter the White House;
  • Continues to fly with fake or fraudulently obtained identification – a serious breach of key recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

In addition to being an alarming indictment on document security, the cumulative effect of Vargas’ admissions and subsequent amnesty from prosecution for fraud or deportation is a clear message that will reverberate across the country and beyond: There are no consequences for violating U.S. immigration law.

What does this say about the Secret Service and federal protective agencies that an illegal alien can waltz into the White House with forged documents? Sort of reminds me of Tareq and Michaele Salahi who managed to crash a White House dinner – something that has never been adequately explained by the Secret Service or any official in the White House. But then again, President Obama has openly invited communists and other undesirables into the White House as friends.

Bottom line …

Obama and his fellow travelers have created an entire class of protected citizens (unionized public employees) who are immune from job loss and are guaranteed almost their full salary (or more) plus medical benefits – exempt from the harsh economy wreaking havoc across the land in the private sector. So why should Obama and his merry band of communists create a class of super-criminals who should not fear the laws that govern us all.  Perhaps the administration would not be so kind if they voted Republican and actually assimilated into our country – instead of voting democrat and fighting to obtain amnesty for their crimes.

I have proposed a rational immigration policy that can be easily enforced. But it is not politically feasible to speak of anything other than full amnesty for those criminals who vote democrat.

Return America to the rule of law and stop the invasion of those who are changing the financial and social culture of America. Throw Obama and his fellow travelers in the House and Senate out of office. Ditto California’s Jerry Brown and the socialists in the California legislature.

-- steve

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