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While the story from the New York Post indicates how easy it would be to get “master keys” to the city – they go on to print a picture of the keys in enough detail that anyone with suitable talent or key blanks can reproduce those keys. In the guise of informing the public about a potential danger, they have made the problem infinitely worse by providing credible suggestions for how these keys might be used.

What could you do with this photo?


Considering how easy it is to slip a locksmith a few bucks to duplicate a key stamped with “Do Not Duplicate,” citizens everywhere should not be surprised at the ease at which the city’s vulnerabilities are laid bare by low-level city employees who may have been infiltrated by terrorist elements. Even background checks, such as those given by the TSA, the ultimate arbiter of transportation security, have revealed significant holes in the system.

 TSA Agents Hired Without Full Background Checks

Some workers screening travelers at one major airport may not have been fully screened themselves. Facing a backlog of background checks, the Transportation Security Administration gave airport employers the ability to hire any workers needed at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, according to a memo obtained by WSBTV Atlanta. The "regulatory relief" affects airports across the country, WSBTV Atlanta reports. <Source>

TSA Clears Illegal Immigrants To Work At NY Airport

In the latest of many shameful lapses, the federal agency in charge of securing the nation’s transportation system approved background checks for a dozen illegal immigrants working in sensitive areas of a busy U.S. airport.

The illegal aliens, from Central America and Mexico, worked in operational areas of Stewart International Airport, a 2,400-acre facility located about 60 miles north of New York City. Stewart is a major passenger airport for the state’s mid-Hudson region that also handles large quantities of cargo and serves as a military field. <Source>

About those keys …

EXCLUSIVE: Keys available on eBay could give terrorist full access to NYC skyscrapers, subway, firehouses, construction sites and street lamps -  Key set available for $150 on eBay provides an all-access pass to NYC

Retired New Jersey locksmith Daniel Ferraris, 69, is hawking what he calls a “firemen’s key ring” — and what a terrorist might call a dream come true. The set consists of five keys that would allow control of virtually any elevator in the city, could knock out power to municipal buildings and skyscrapers, darken city streets, open subway gates and some firehouse doors and provide full access to 1 World Trade Center and other construction sites. Ferraris sold an undercover Post reporter the key-collection ring after posting his wares on eBay under the user name “thesixlever.”  Total cost: $149.95. He agreed to hand them off at his home in Union City, just minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel, saying the keys “probably still work, but don’t try to use them.” He asked no questions. Most of the keys did, in fact, work. Three of the five are standard issue for members of the FDNY, and the set had a metal dog tag that was embossed with an FDNY lieutenant’s shield number, 6896.

The keys include the all-purpose “1620,” a master firefighter key that with one turn could trap thousands of people in a skyscraper by sending all the elevators to the lobby and out of service, according to two FDNY sources. And it works for buildings across the city. That key also allows one to open locked subway entrances, gain entry to many firehouses and get into boxes at construction jobs that house additional keys to all areas of the site. The ring sold to The Post has two keys used by official city electricians that would allow access to street lamps, along with the basement circuit-breaker boxes of just about any large building. The sale of the newer of the two, a Yale 47 key, prompted concern from the city Department of Transportation.

It’s unclear how many more such keys Ferraris has for sale. But he continues to offer the FDNY elevator key, the master electrical-panel key and two traffic-signal keys on eBay. He advertises the Yale 2642 key as a “City Wide MASTER key” and claims, “I also have some items NOT permitted for listing on eBay.” <source: EXCLUSIVE: Keys available on eBay could give terrorist full access to NYC skyscrapers, subway, firehouses, construction sites and street lamps - NYPOST.com>

Bottom line …

Most security measures implemented by non-military government agencies is Kabuki Theatre – designed to give the illusion of security while not impeding the convenience of the workers who need to perform maintenance duties.

By all rational security measures, all public employee union members and contractors should undergo a security check. Something that is not likely to happen because most unions do not screen out illegal aliens and criminals as nothing should be allowed to interfere with growing their membership and collecting their money.

It is a fact of life that those with the “keys to the kingdom” always present the greatest security threats. Especially since most of the sabotage of sophisticated devices is often perpetrated by union members in a work action or those seeking additional overtime. There was a time when you might see telephone linemen with a jar of peanut butter. A little something to encourage rodents to eat through poorly protected cables.

Since airports and other controlled facilities are designated “gun free zones,” at some point in time look for a terrorists to score big before being brought down. As for the Obama administration and their willingness to allow illegal aliens into the country, security is mostly a joke.

It is time to secure our borders and our infrastructure. While no security is 100% and fail-proof, we need to realize that those on the inside – no matter how they got there – are the ones most likely to abuse security precautions and threaten the system. Like the elaborate security apparatus at a local federal building being compromised by a propped open “smoker’s door.” Easily spotted by the large overflowing standup ashtray outside the door.


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