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“Voter suppression” and “voter disenfranchisement” are the two ugly words the radicals are using to deter, deflect, or destroy citizens who are tired of watching their votes stolen by crooked political parties and corrupt politicians – and their rabid supporters.

You need a photo-ID to cash a check, to purchase liquor – so it is reasonable to require it to vote. Those that claim this will disenfranchise minorities, the elderly and the infirm are blowing smoke. Minorities, as well as everyone else needs photo identification to obtain government benefits, drive a vehicle in most states, purchase an airline ticket or do any number of ordinary everyday things. For non-drivers, ID cards are issued at little or no cost. For those who cannot travel or fail to present adequate identification, completing a provisional ballot will suffice. If you are not registered to vote, are an illegal alien, a felon in some cases, no amount of identification will provide the right to vote.

As for those who claim that purging the voter roles of dead people and felons, what is the problem with that. Anyone inappropriately purged can file a provisional ballot and that ends that argument. 

Here’s is what a Soros-funded investigative journalism group is saying …

A Reading Guide to True the Vote, the Controversial Voter Fraud Watchdog

As Nov. 6 approaches, the efforts of True the Vote, a Texas anti-voter fraud group recently profiled by the New York Times, are gaining national attention.    

Despite scant evidence of voter fraud, the group is laser-focused on weeding it out. It has pushed for voter-ID laws, voter roll purges and other controversial voting-related measures in a host of states. (Here is our guide to the voter ID controversy, where we note that evidence on both sides of the issue is lacking.) <Source: A Reading Guide to True the Vote, the Controversial Voter Fraud Watchdog – ProPublica>

It should be noted that Pro Publica has done some wonderful reporting in the past and continues to play straight with the public despite their liberal funding base. But they do not make a point of telling you that they have received funding from Soros and other radical elements in the democrat/socialist/communist party.

Bottom line

We cannot trust the government – run by the crooked political parties and corrupt politicians – to secure the vote. They are mostly concerned with gaining an advantage over the opposition rather than correcting or improving the system.

As we have seen, Eric Holder and the Justice Department refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation – even with video-based evidence. There are those in the Department of Justice that have claimed that Holder’s Justice Department will not investigate or prosecute claims by “whites,” and will ignore transgressions involving “blacks.” Considering the dishonest testimony Holder has provided to Congress and his continued stonewalling of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, I am inclined to believe what they say about DOJ bias.

It is up to “We the People” to insure that our elected officials truly represent us and that our representation is based on a clean election. It is hard to argue with that – although the radicals will keep trying.

-- steve

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