Just asking: Is Hillary Clinton feathering her nest with support for the Muslim World?

Political Correctness: It is time to stop assuming Muslims can be our friends!

The United States Constitution is not a suicide pact …

Freedom of speech does not include the right to incite others to overthrow the government and institutions of the United States. Freedom of religion does not allow individuals and groups to fund terrorism, both foreign and domestic, with impunity. It does not mean that law enforcement authorities should not have the right to inspect a Mosque or examine teaching materials which may call for subversive activities. We need not tolerate Muslim misbehavior in the name of political correctness.

Muslims are not like us and we should not project our values onto the Muslim population ...

By birth, education and their environment, Muslims are taught that Allah reigns supreme and it is their duty to promote Allah and Islam – even if it means dying for the cause. No other religion worships death or promotes death in order to transcend to paradise. For other religion, paradise or enlightenment is a reward for a life well-spent as a good person and helping your fellow man. With Islam, making war on your enemies, forcing conversions to Islam, punishing infidels and apostates is the road to paradise.

There is little freedom in the Islamic world that is not granted by religious authority. Turning to the Quran to determine if a practice is prohibited, discouraged or is acceptable. They do not accept free speech as speaking ill of Allah, the Prophet Mohammad or your religious leaders is likely to be punished severely. As for the freedom of religion, there is no such concept. There is Islam, Allah and The Prophet. There is no tolerance for alternative views – especially someone proselytizing those views. Where necessary, they tolerate other religions only to the point where they are strong enough to engage in ethnic cleansing.

Sharia law is barbarous and malleable in the hands of corrupt clerics. Muslim clerics, a privileged class, is as corrupt as any other political class. Promoting their cause, preserving their power and reigning supreme over the population. What other religion condones murder, mutilation, torture and rape as enforcement tools to keep the public faithful to the cause.

Muslims often lead a double life. Pious in front of others, profane in private. One need only look at privileged Muslims vacationing in England, France or elsewhere to see that many are susceptible to alcohol or pleasures of the flesh. Sexual repression and deviancy is said to be a hallmark of many Muslims; where homosexuality is punished severely, but practiced in private. Driven by the religious restrictions inherent in mixed sex interactions. A woman can be beaten or worse for just speaking with a man outside of her family.

Muslims cannot be trusted. The Quran makes provisions for lying, cheating and stealing – if it is to advance the faith or preserve the life of the pious. Pretty much why many Muslim terrorists are described as being “nice, quiet people” until they engage in their Jihadist activities.

Secret classified cables between Hillary Clinton and the State Department openly acknowledge that our so-called friends in Saudi Arabia are funding international terror – as long as it does not affect their Kingdom. And that our so-called friends in Pakistan have open ties to the terrorists, but loudly proclaim their loyalty to the United States in return for our humanitarian aid and military materiel. How could Osama bin Laden exist in Pakistan for five years – right down the road from the premier Pakistani military academy – without someone asking questions about this unusual building and its unusual occupants. But we continue to play the diplomatic game; we are all friends, even if someone misbehaves from time-to-time.

And it is no secret that the Muslims have learned that politicians are for sale in return for covert cash or campaign financing. Using American subsidiaries of foreign companies to purchase political influence. Or use special interests like the oil and arms dealers to influence politicians on your behalf.

Bottom line …

You cannot trust Muslims. Even after we removed brutal dictators and provided them with a measure of freedom, they continue to disrespect and attack American assets and our allies.

It is not about our lifestyle. It is not about our values. It is not about our presence in their land. And it certainly is not about a YouTube movie almost nobody has seen. It is because they are Muslims sworn to uphold their Islamic duties of jihad for the promotion of Islam and we are not fellow Muslims. In fact, even being fellow Muslims is not enough as they have been fighting one another for centuries to determine which tribe is the rightful heir of The Prophet’s mantle and the Protector of Islam.

Again, there are no moderate Muslims as long as their religion commands them to wage Jihad on non-Muslims.

You cannot trust Barack Obama and his fellow travelers who are seen pandering to Muslims for their own political advantage.

-- steve

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