Just asking: Is Hillary Clinton feathering her nest with support for the Muslim World?

Pakistani government official puts a bounty on American filmmaker -- time to request Pakistani government sanctions!

The United States should make it perfectly clear than any foreign government official taking affirmative action to publicly target an American citizen on American soil should be held to account.

The Associated Press is reporting …

Scores of people were injured Saturday in clashes in Bangladesh's capital between police and hundreds of demonstrators, as protests continued in the Muslim world against a film produced in the United States that denigrates Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

In Pakistan, where more than 20 people died Friday in clashes in cities throughout the country, a Cabinet minister offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the filmmaker.

Railways Minister Ghulam Ahmad Balor told The Associated Press that he would pay the reward out of his own pocket. He urged the Taliban and al-Qaida to perform the "sacred duty" of helping locate and kill the filmmaker.

The film has sparked violent protests throughout the Muslim world that resulted in the deaths of dozens, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the recent violent protests, but said Western nations need to prevent insults to Islam.

"No one claims freedom of expression when they restrict racism. The same restrictions that are imposed on racism must be displayed against Islamophobia," Erdogan said Saturday. "Islamophobia is as dangerous as racism and is something that must not be tolerated."  <The Associated Press: Bangladesh police, prophet film protesters clash>

Why are we rolling over and playing nice?

These people want to kill us! When a government minister tells an American News Agency that he is willing to pay for the death of an American – and the word is passed far and wide, our government should take that as “hate speech,” and a “murder for hire” attempt. And while we do not have formal legal jurisdiction, nothing keeps our government from demanding that the Pakistani cabinet minister be tried and imprisoned for going beyond an insult to a complicit act of soliciting murder for hire.

Bottom line …

Muslims who respect force and the will to use it, should be given an object lesson that America and Americans will not stand idly by and accept credible threats against their country or its citizen. This is not a terrorist – it is a government official calling upon the terrorists. Given that the Pakistanis knowingly sheltered Osama bin Laden on their property, perhaps we should demonstrate our resolve by demanding that they punish this miscreant or reduce our foreign aid.

As for the nuclear blackmail that appears to be taking place, perhaps while the Israelis are busy with Iran, we should take another look at Pakistan.

-- steve  

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