Tim Pawlenty sells out to become major lobbyist for Wall Street

Obama Administration DISRESPECTS former Navy SEALS

Obama, once again, is trying to spin the narrative of the Libya terrorist attack for his own political purposes …

The White House reported 4 Americans died. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other unnamed people. One was assigned to Chris Stevens’ security detail. Another was an information specialist with the State Department – and the remaining two were former Navy SEALS working on an unspecified security mission which had NOTHING to do with facility security or the personal security of the Ambassador.

The fact that these two courageous Navy SEALS stepped forward to defend U.S. property under attack and against overwhelming force speaks volumes about their patriotism and courage.

So why isn’t Obama hailing these two SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty as American heroes and telling the story of their voluntary bravery to the entire country?

Could it be because President Obama, the Commander-in-Chief does not understand the military, does not respect the military and is a total Marxist/Communist chickenshit when it comes to saving his political ass by saying or doing anything that advances his cause?

What are they hiding behind their curtain of lies?

  • Obama and Hillary Clinton decided to promote a low-key “non-confrontational” posture in Muslim nations?
  • Obama and Hillary Clinton decided that outsourcing the security of American lives and property to foreign nationals was beneficial to the Muslim community?
  • Obama and Hillary Clinton did not see ANY threat to Americans on the anniversary of 9/11 – a day linked in infamy with Muslim terrorists?
  • Obama and Hillary Clinton chose to ignore credible intelligence from a host nation deliberately to demonstrate to Muslims that we were “friendly?”
  • That the focus on the YouTube video which few saw was a ruse to hide their incompetence and provide them with plausible deniability for their dereliction of duty?
  • That this was not a casual demonstration – given the late night attack with heavy weaponry and no apparent protesters in sight?
  • That the Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, is a talking sock-puppet ignoring the truth and spouting the talking points?
  • That Ambassador Stevens was openly gay and posted to a Muslim nation. And that he may have been sodomized by Muslim terrorists?

Bottom line …

You cannot trust the crew in the White House and their fellow travelers when it comes to national security, the military or even our domestic economy.



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