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Just asking: Is Hillary Clinton feathering her nest with support for the Muslim World?

It was widely assumed that there would be no official scrutiny of Bill Clinton’s various charitable and for-profit activities while his wife Hillary Clinton served as Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State. Even though there was great opportunity for a major conflict of interest.

Since the various Clinton enterprises are reported to have received multi-million dollar contributions from wealthy Arabs, is it possible that Hillary Clinton refused to take a hard-line with the Muslim world, fearing a reduction in Muslim money flowing to the various Clinton enterprises. An organization which she might join after her government service. An organization that can fund a royal lifestyle and world-wide travel on luxury jets and yachts?

Other than following Barack Obama’s orders, I cannot see why Hillary’s State Department would be complicit in allowing the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations to openly spin the truth about the riots in Libya and the death of American personnel.

It is well-known that petrodollars have fueled the purchase of American companies which legally employ lobbyists to persuade politicians and government officials to adopt their respective agendas. Could they have bought the Obama administration? Or could Obama be auditioning for the “historic” position as the first American Secretary-General of the massively corrupt United Nations?

And while I am wondering … is it possible that the Clinton Administration has already cut a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to release the “Blind Sheik” who was complicit in unsuccessfully attempting to destroy the Twin Towers the first time? Perhaps in the form of a pardon during his lame duck session, should Mitt Romney be elected? 

Bottom line …

Since both Clintons have a great familiarity with scandal during their occupancy of the White House, shouldn’t the American public wonder why Obama and Clinton are soft on Muslims – who are demanding that we modify our Constitutional guarantee of free speech or there will be more outrage and riots?

Shouldn’t we wonder why Obama and Clinton do not explain the concept of “freedom of speech” to those who know no such freedom – instead of abjectly apologizing for a little-seen film which they cannot legally control?

Shouldn’t we fear an out-of-touch, out-of-control President during his remaining time in office – especially if Mitt Romney is elected?

-- steve

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