Amid strong opposition, democrats return God and Palestine to democrat platform
Time to rip up the race card and play the TRUTH card!

Did Obama's love for his communist father warp the son's judgement and condition his behavior to hate America?

In one of the clearest explanations of President Obama’s actions as an elected official, Paul Sperry, writing for Investor’s Business Daily, posits that the “Roots Of Obama's Rage Trace To Kenyan Father's Communist Hatred For West”

After reading this editorial, there is little or no doubt that Obama is steeped in socialism, if not outright communism, and has openly campaigned for foreign communists.

In fact, Obama's father's ideas were even more radical than those proposed by Kenyan labor leader Tom Mboya, who wanted to develop a socialist system independent of the USSR. Obama Sr. sided instead with the leader of the pro-Soviet group, Oginga Odinga.

This is key, because in August 2006, then-Sen. Obama traveled to Kenya to campaign for Odinga's son, Raila Odinga, who was running for prime minister as a Marxist. Odinga, who studied in East Berlin during the Cold War and named his son Fidel, spent several years in jail for leading a bloody coup in 1982 against then-Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi—a close U.S. ally.

With Obama's help, Odinga became prime minister in 2008. The two sons of communists took power the same year, fulfilling their fathers' dreams. <Source>

 Even though a complicit left-leaning mainstream media would brand you as an “extremist,” a bigot, or characterize you as an intolerant, prejudiced person, it has never been more important to determine, once and for all, if Barack Hussein Obama is his legal name, whether or not he holds dual citizenship with any foreign entity, possessed or possesses a foreign passport, and provides an explanation for the use of a social security number which apparently was issued to a long-dead Connecticut man. And explain how he managed to travel to Pakistan when other Americans, with American passports, were denied such travel.

You need to read this article and decide for yourself if the President of the United States may indeed be the Manchurian Candidate, groomed, financed and promoted by his Marxist handlers to achieve high political office. The article, Roots Of Obama's Rage Trace To Kenyan Father's Communist Hatred For West, is must reading for any open-minded individual who wonders why Obama has been complicit in exploding our debt, curtailing our military power and disrespected our nation’s closest allies.

The press insists Obama Sr. abandoned his son when he was two years old and remained absent from his life thereafter. In fact, he visited adolescent Obama in Hawaii, one time staying with him for a full month during which he spoke at his school.

It's plain from Obama's memoir that he worshipped his father. Obama devotes more than 130 pages, or roughly a third, of "Dreams" to covering his father's life and his colonized ancestry in Kenya. This is purposeful. Obama sympathizes with the idea that "neocolonial wealth," held even by Asian business owners in Nairobi, should be "redistributed to the people." (Neocolonialism is the alleged economic exploitation that remains even after political independence.)

Obama says he realized who he is and what he really cares about when he visited his father's grave. He describes breaking down and weeping, whereupon he reflects: "The pain that I felt was my father's pain."

Read why Obama has apparently turned to communist Frank Marshall Davis, anti-white, anti-America, anti-Semitic Reverend Jeremiah Wright (his spiritual mentor) as he sought father-like surrogates. Again, this single article should serve as a call to action against the clear and present danger that President Obama represents to the America we know and love.

Bottom line …

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck; then in all probability it is a duck. Short of a full Congressional investigation of the President of the United States and the indictment of the democrats who were complicit in his candidacy, the only way to resolve this issue is to elect Mitt Romney and deny this apparent interloper and his fellow travelers any chance to return to high office.

-- steve

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