One of my readers asked why I was so overwhelmingly negative in what I write about Barack Obama and in the spirit of “fair play” suggesting that I should cut him some slack. Since the person did not sign his name, I will reply here in the hope that he reads this.

Where was Obama’s spirit of fair play when he instructed Congress to craft that abomination known as Obamacare? The Congressional democrats did not allow republicans to assist in crafting the legislation and did not allow for republican amendments to the legislation. As Obama and his fellow travelers put it, Obamacare is good for the country and good for its citizens. So I ask you, if it was so recognizably good, why were legislative bribes and backroom deals needed to coerce some democrats to vote for the bill? Why was it a 2000+ page bill, virtually nobody read nor understood? Why was is dropped on desks in the dead of night? Nothing particularly fair about that.

Where was Obama’s spirit of fair play when his party controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency for two years? He often said the country was hurting after the “Bush Recession,” so why didn’t he set about fixing it – instead of doling out money to municipalities and the states who were keeping union employees on the job while letting others go? What was so fair about that?

Where was Obama’s sense of fair play when he was asked for his birth certificate, travel documents, social security card and school records? He didn’t think much of the American public to provide them with his credentials for the office he now holds. Spending millions to avoid producing the documents in a court of competent jurisdiction. Is it fair when he demands Romney’s tax returns and hides his own documents? I think not.

And speaking of fair play, how does he manage to get a pass from the mainstream media when he openly lies to the American public?

And how about the fairness to award Obama the Nobel Peace Prize when he did absolutely nothing to earn it? What about the fairness to the other contenders with real accomplishments? Or was this simply an advance reward for screwing over America?

You want fairness ? I will extend him fairness. I won’t call for his prosecution for treason should it turn out that he misled the public. I will call for his prosecution and conviction. I think that is fair for the American people.

And should he turn out to become the Secretary General of the United Nations, I will demand that the United States quit the U.N. and throw the corrupt delegates out of the country.

Fair is fair!!

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