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This is a prime example of why those that portray Islam as compassionate and Sharia law as just are lying …

Egyptian designer runs afoul of Saudi princess, gets 500 lashes

Human-rights activists are demanding the release of Nagla Wafa, an Egyptian wedding planner and designer sentenced to 500 lashes and five years in prison in Saudi Arabia following a business dispute with a princess.

“As of May of 2012, Ms. Wafa has been subjected, on a weekly basis, to 50 floggings per week within the ‘Al-Malz’ Prison. She currently faces 200 more floggings ... despite her suffering from distortions to her spine,” the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights said in an online statement.

Accusing Saudi Arabian authorities of unlawfully detaining the 39-year-old mother of teenage twins, the organization said the case was a “blatant violation” of human rights and filed a complaint with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. <Source>

With all the Black Muslims in American prisons, the last thing they really want is what they are demanding: Sharia law. Most of those convicted of drug violations would be dead. Those who have stolen would be missing various appendages. And those who maimed their victims, would be in turn tortured and maimed. It sort of makes many of them look like hypocrites … advocating for something they know little or nothing about.

Bottom line …

Islam, without reformation, appears to be incompatible with modern society and that at some point in the future, there will be a cataclysmic clash of cultures. Possibly for the better if it renders Islam less bloodthirsty and more tolerant of other religions.

As for Saudi Arabia, it is time to stop pretending they are our friends when they are little more than our trading partner. Perhaps funding and expanding international Islam and terrorism in return for promises that the Jihadists would not attack the Kingdom and take all of the toys away from the numerous princes and princesses.

Time to ignore the democrat party and become energy independent so we do not have to pretend our enemies are our friends. As for our true friends, Israel is the only nation in the region that believes in democracy, morality and decency.

-- steve

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