Republican's fundraising survey trick makes me angry ...

Once again, the Republican National Committee believes that I am one of the sheeple that can be conned into thinking that their “2012 PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES SURVEY” really wants my opinion and is something more than a disguised propagandized fundraising pitch.

First, I am no longer a registered Republican, so they are using outdated lists.

Second, the questions they ask are one-sided and idiotic for any non-liberal independent thinker.

Are you more enthusiastic or less enthusiastic about voting in the upcoming November election than you were four years ago?

Considering what Barack Obama and his fellow travelers have done to our nation, voting is not a matter of enthusiasm, it is a matter of critical action to prevent the nation from further decline into a socialist democracy like France or Greece.

Thinking ahead to the November election, do you plan on voting at the polls on Election Day, or will you be voting early, either through absentee voting by mail or through "early voting in-person" allowed in many states?

It really doesn’t matter how you vote, just that you vote and fulfill your duty as a legal citizen of the United States and your state of residence.

How important are each of the following issues when deciding how to vote this November?

  • Economic issues like jobs.
  • Government issues like the deficit, spending, and taxes.
  • Pocketbook issues like rising prices, and the cost of gas and housing.
  • Social issues like. abortion and gay marriage.
  • Foreign policy issues like national security, the war in Afghanistan, and Iran's nuclear weapons program. 
  • Personal freedom issues like gun control and defending the Constitution, and limiting government.

Amazingly, you should be concerned about all of the issues. With concern for the social issues being less important than:

  1. The protection and preservation of our Constitution and “Rule of Law” (Something Obama tramples with impunity)
  2. National security and safety issues.
  3. Outrageous government spending directed at cronies and special interests which only serves to purchase influence, votes and campaign funding.
  4. Rising taxes and the cost of commodities.

As for social issues, such as abortion and gay marriage, these are a matter of conscience and should not be used to divide the vote. There will always be time to deal with these matters on a state level AFTER concerns about the preservation of our constitutional values, national security and control over the government’s outrageous spending and unwarranted meddling in economic affairs,.

As for issues involving education; again, these are state issues and truth-be-told, controlled by toxic and socialist public employee unions which have produced little or no progress in spite of ever-increasing budgets. Not competency testing teachers in both teaching ability and subject-matter specialties is crazy. Eighty percent of all costs are administration, personnel and building projects which pump funds to special interest projects at the expense of the children. Two decades of indoctrinating and producing political activists and not students who can compete in a global economy.

If you want a short-cut to deciding how you want to look at issues and vote, ask yourself:

If making national defense and economic prosperity a priority is selfish and unfair, does weakening America and increasing middle-class poverty seem fair and make you feel more benevolent?

The goal of socialists and communists like Barack Obama and his fellow travelers is to decrease everyone's standard of living to the point of needing the government's assistance to live your life. Government which they and their special interest cronies control for their own self-benefit. With the goal of their ascension to perpetual power being tantamount to all other goals. And by making America into just another nation in the United Nations, they help fulfill the goals of international communism: government central planning by an “enlightened” ruling elite. Another polite euphemism by a dictator and their czars.

With the "end" well-defined, the means -- fair or foul -- become acceptable as the cost of doing business. Perhaps why the democrat party accepts corruption as a fact of life.

Bottom line …

There is a clear choice.  America or  France/Greece!

I chose America!

-- steve






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