Republican's fundraising survey trick makes me angry ...


Recently I was involved in a situation where a blogger noticed that someone apparently “plagiarized” a portion of one of my blog items. After reviewing the facts, the matter did not arise to the level of plagiarism, but more like the failure to attribute a quote. What makes it a non-issue for me is that the paragraph appears to be re-written, so it is not an exact reproduction of my words.

So why jump up and down? To quote an unknown author, “Big people discuss ideas, ordinary people discuss things, and small people discuss other people.” As long as the author made the point he was trying to make – and it agreed with my original intent – good on him. The author did not simply reprint one of my blog items under his own name – although that has happened before.

Could it be that the blogger and the publication have an axe to grind with a former politician and radio talk show host? Engaging in the politics of personal destruction because the blogger disagrees with the author’s viewpoint, conservatism or color?

Notice that I am not naming the individuals or the publications involved because I do not believe it is a big deal. In fact, I believe it is one of those non-issues that are rarely worth discussing.

Bottom line …

It is probably wise to consider who is speaking as well as what is being said. I know that much of what I write about Barack Obama and his fellow travelers appears to be snarky and in the same vein. But there is a difference. Here is a President who has promoted policies which have decimated my finances, the finances of the United States and more importantly, trashed our Constitution. Think about it, someone characterized as a constitutional law professor implementing clearly unconstitutional rules and regulations.

This is not some former politician and/or radio talk show host who made a mistake … this is the alleged leader of the free world and the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. Someone clearly deserving of scorn. 

I would have a diametrically different viewpoint if my work was commercial and it was abused for the profit of another individual. But it’s not and I don’t really think it is worth jumping up and down, waving one’s arms and saying  anything more than “bad puppy.”

-- steve

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