Obama is trying to sell women that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the entire GOP is bad for women and have an abominable stance on women’s rights …

Hypocritical, because one of the top democrat leaders is, himself, an accused rapist, a womanizer and someone who has disgraced the Presidency with his sexual shenanigans in the Oval Office.

A man whose campaign employed a cadre of private investigators, smear merchants and media nay-sayers to publicly discredit honest and honorable women who were allegedly attacked by this man. Colloquially known as the “BIMBO SQUAD,” their sole duty was to manage “bimbo eruptions” from women coming forth to complain about Clinton’s sexual proclivities.

For all her endless protestations that Bill Clinton was the victim of a Right-wing conspiracy rather than a serial philanderer, his wife is no fool. When Hillary caught wind of the fact that the sexy Hollywood actress Sharon Stone was going to be a star guest at a Clinton fundraising dinner, she knew she had to intervene. But she also needed to keep her hands clean. So she asked a friend to tell Bill's senior staff not to sit Sharon Stone next to the President at dinner. Dutifully, the staff designated the seat for another woman. They need not have bothered: on the night, Bill arranged to have Stone take her place.

That year, 1995, Hillary certainly had reason to be worried about her husband's proclivities. A biography of Bill was published which contained irrefutable evidence from one of their most trusted friends, Betsey Wright, who had been chief of staff when he was the governor of Arkansas. She was quoted as confirming that Arkansas state troopers had helped solicit women for Bill. Moreover, she revealed that in 1987 she had personally tried to dissuade him from running for President by presenting him with a list of his purported lovers. For once, because Betsey was a close friend, Hillary could not dismiss a "bimbo eruption" as the work of their enemies.

Bill Clinton reacted to the revelations with fury. One of his most trusted advisers, Dick Morris, said later that the President "never spoke of his chagrin that he had done things to bring pain to Hillary - he just railed against his misfortune at them coming out. Nowhere was there any contrition for the adultery - just a furious rage that the world was making trouble for him in his marriage".

Hillary, for her part, was angry enough to kick him out of their White House bedroom and stop speaking to him for a few weeks. She had reacted that way before in Arkansas: during periods of estrangement, she and Bill ended up sleeping in separate bedrooms in the governor's mansion. He always managed to win her back. But unless evidence of his affairs proved incontrovertible, she simply preferred to turn a blind eye. To keep her marriage going, she had years ago devised a "don't ask, don't tell" approach. "Tolerating Bill's weakness," said her close friend Susan Thomases, "has always been part of her relationship with him." <Source>

Bottom line …

How can any party or any politician point their finger at Mitt Romney, a man faithful to his vows, and complain that he is anti-women? But a better question: where is Obama when it comes to denouncing Muslins and their routine and ritual abuse of women? Treating women as chattel? Routinely beating or raping women? Making women wear total covering in hot weather? Demanding that rape victims have 4 male witnesses? Stoning women to death for adultery? Absolute silence while he says Romney and Ryan are bad for women. Disingenuous, dishonest and disgusting. But that’s Obama for you!

-- steve

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