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What possible motivation can be behind the New York City’s relaxation of school discipline and acceptance of children smoking?

NYC Public Schools Change ‘Discipline Code’ To Ease Penalties For Smoking, Cursing, Cutting Class

Students may be catching a break if they misbehave in school. The rules surrounding suspensions in New York City schools are changing. The changes to the discipline code should result in far fewer suspensions, CBS 2’s Vanessa Murdock reported Wednesday.

“Our goal is to make sure the schools are providing a safe environment for our students, but also we just don’t push students out of the classroom where they’re not learning as well,” Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said. What will be different? Well, for starters Walcott said cutting class and cursing will no longer be grounds for suspension. Neither will smoking, something that left a few parents bewildered. “If they’re caught on premises that can cause a fire,” Upper West Side resident Gwen Baez said. “I think they should keep suspending for that because the kids need know there is right, wrong and there are consequences.”  <Source>

School discipline has a direct correlation on the student’s ability to learn. It is universally acknowledged that providing a safe and secure environment for students allows them to concentrate on their studies and not on avoiding harassment, bullying or outright crime.

So I can only think of one reason why the teachers unions would promote and sanction this lax attitude about student discipline. It’s about the money and the availability of sufficient funds to pay teachers and their union-controlled benefits. I came to this conclusion knowing that the federal government and most states use the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) to compute the amount of money that flows to individual school systems. And if students are absent or suspended, they are likely to see a reduction in their funding.

What proves that teachers and unions are hypocrites is that they KNOW smoking is bad for everyone – it causes cancer, respiratory disease and raises healthcare costs for everyone. Isn’t that the mantra of the leftist liberals? I can understand why the government tolerates smoking – it’s the money stupid. An outrageous tax on tobacco that produces millions to be spent by the politicians. Another example of teachers and unions choosing pension money over the lives of children.

Bottom line …

It’s not for the children, it’s for the greedy adults who are gaming the system while pretending that they are educating our children to compete in today’s global economy. The bottom line is that if you are not in school, ready to learn – you may never be ready to compete at anything remotely requiring the ability to learn, understand and execute simple actions.

Toss these liberal democrat bums out of education and return to the educational basics of discipline and learning.

-- steve

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