Knowledge is responsibility ...


There are those who claim President Barack Obama is the smartest president in history. But where is the proof?

  • He refuses to release his Occidental College transcript or any of his writings.
  • He refuses to release his Harvard College transcript or any of his writings.
  • His first autobiography appears to have been written by a ghost (domestic terrorist William Ayers is the best guess) and contains untruths or distortions.
  • His second autobiography appears poorly crafted by another ghost and is also contains untruths and distortions
  • He was a law lecturer, not a tenured professor, on constitutional law; although he appears to have no regard for the Constitution with his appointments and egregious policies.
  • He needs a TelePrompTer to sound coherent and on message although he is touted as a “great orator.”

Back on the trail, Obama clings to the teleprompter

President Obama spoke to supporters in Florida this afternoon, but was careful to stick to his script, relying heavily on his teleprompters.
The president campaigned without teleprompters last month, when he made his  controversial "you didn't build that" remark about business owners.
A campaign aide explained last week that Obama's slip up wouldn't change the campaign's teleprompter strategy.
“The attempts by the Romney campaign to make this into their rallying cry haven’t changed anything,” said a senior campaign official to the Hill, adding that Obama “has done events without a teleprompter since then.”  <Source>

Bottom line …

In spite of those who laughed at former President Bush for his twisting of language and uncertainty at the podium, nobody ever questions his patriotism. His partisanship and crony capitalism -- certainly, but never his love of country.

Contrast that with President Barack Obama whose actions indicate that he does not believe in the American dream and who appears to want America to be just another unexceptional member-nation of the United Nations. Redistributing her wealth -- belonging to the citizens -- to other nations in the name of equality and justice.

So I ask you ...

  • Do we need a president who reads the lines written by others – perhaps the radicals and communists he has so freely welcomed into the White House?
  • Do we even know that the President has any ideas or policies other than those written in his script?
  • Do we know that Barack Obama is not a “Manchurian Candidate” since he refuses to disclose details about his highly suspicious background and associations with known communists, terrorists and crooks?

Do not re-elect this TelePrompTer fraud to another term in the White House.

Prepare to mount a campaign of outrage when the next President gives him a blanket pardon as former President Gerald Ford provided to former President Richard Nixon.

And prepare to elect a decent, conservative candidate in 2016 as any President who pardons Obama is sure to be defeated in the next election.

-- steve

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