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USADA's report against Lance Armstrong reveals more issues. The 202-page report released Wednesday included affidavits from 11 of Armstrong's former teammates detailing elements of Armstrong's — and in some cases their — use of performance-enhancing drugs.

USADA announced Thursday that cyclists Tom Danielson, George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriskie each have accepted six-month suspensions, effective Sept. 1, 2012, as a result of their testimony in the Armstrong investigation.

If they were there, participated or knowingly covered up the doping, shouldn't they too be banned for life -- or are they being rewarded for making the agency's case? Like I said, something stinks here!


While it is always prudent to give another person the benefit of doubt and a chance to clear up all allegations, I have just finished reading the massive report on the case against Lance Armstrong. Should you wish to review this document for yourself, you can find it here.

It appears that there is overwhelming, documented evidence that suggests Armstrong and many others were guilty of participating in what can only be characterized as a “sophisticated doping ring.”

Whether or not there were any deal cut with other doping participants in return for reduced charges or other considerations remains unknown. But it is very, very clear that many of those who provided affidavits did so under penalty of perjury and potential prosecution for various other crimes such as libel, slander, possessing controlled substances, violation of various foreign drug laws, etc..

This is a very disappointing day. Even with the use of performance-enhancing drugs, riding against others who used the very same performance-enhancing drugs still means that it was a monumental achievement for a human being. However, knowing the game was rigged takes the edge off the performance.

As to what should happen to Lance Armstrong and the others – I suggest that the appropriate penalty would be to strip all concerns of their awards – place asterisks next to their names and do not re-jigger the results because it is not known whether the next in line for the award used the same performance-enhancing drugs. The U.S. Postal Service should be reimbursed for their sponsorship funding.

Perhaps, Lance Armstrong can make up for his alleged personal failure by helping others to achieve their goals. As for those testifying, they should suffer the same fate as Lance Armstrong as there is no honor in spilling your guts when confronted with overwhelming evidence.

A part of me still wants to believe that there is a change – a very, very small chance – that the agency bringing the charges is corrupt and Lance Armstrong has been the victim of a massive conspiracy fed by the self-interests of the prosecutors. We have all seen innocent men sentenced to life in prison, it is too bad their isn’t an “Innocence Project” for athletes. – steve

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While I do not profess to know whether or not Lance Armstrong is guilty of the doping allegations made by a quasi-governmental agency, I do know that our legal process has been subverted by investigators and prosecutors with a great self-interest in promoting their own careers and positions. And that informants are often coerced into testifying (possibly falsely) by the promise to ignore their transgressions or lighten their sentences.

I think that this arbitration system stinks. Either charge Lance Armstrong with a crime or go away. Let him respond in a court of competent jurisdiction for all to see. Present the evidence and see if it holds up under the judicial standards for evidence. No more innuendo and secret findings. Let those who performed the tests be placed on the stand, under oath. Let a jury of his fellow citizens decide. 

I think justice demands that Lance Armstrong be treated fairly as should every other citizen of the United States.

To strip a man of his medals, the symbols of a unique achievement, without such an open trial is WRONG.

Bottom line …

Let Lance Armstrong keep his medals unless there is concrete and irrefutable proof of his wrongdoing. And that those who may have been coerced to testify against him be examined under oath. We have too few heroes and too many non-achiever critics to let kangaroo courts impugn a man’s honor. So let the judicial process decide.

-- steve

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