Updated 15 August 2012 …

California State Senator Leland Yee's horrible SB 249, which would have essentially banned possession of thousands, if not millions of common semi-automatic firearms in California, has been removed from the Assembly Appropriations Committee hearing calendar.

The bill is dead for this year.

Great work, Calguns.net, Gun Owners California, NRA, and other California activists. It's critical that this kind of bill be slapped down quickly and firmly. As we all know, every bad idea that comes out of California eventually spreads across the rest of the country. One great piece of news coming out of this is that there are several hard up-or-down votes to move the bill along. Here's hoping that California activists can put a dent in their re-election hopes.

There was some controversy within the gun rights community with Gun Owners California reporting as early as Tuesday afternoon that the bill was dead. Calguns and other groups tweeted that the news was being reported prematurely and that activists should keep the pressure on. We'll refrain from taking sides in a local dispute, but will point out that there is no downside that we can see with the California state senate phone lines being tied up for a few hours longer. Better the dogs bark too long than be called off too early.
Altogether a good day's work for the state of California, and the nation! Thanks to everyone!

Chris Knox

“We the People” prevail again in saving the Second Amendment from egregious abuse by politicians pandering to their liberal base. -- steve

Received from the patriots at Cal Guns …



It’s time to step up and take action, SB 249, a bill written to outlaw fixed magazine centerfire rifles that could easily lead to uncompensated seizure of your lawfully purchased rifle MUST BE STOPPED!

Every one of us needs to be a part of this effort to stop the banning and confiscation of arms that SB 249 represents, none of us can sit on the sidelines and hope everyone else does it for them.

I ask you to indulge me in a little bit of history.

In the late 1700’s communities stored their gun powder, musket balls and even muskets in a strong brick building called a ‘Powder House’ on the edge of town, close to hand but safely away from their homes, because keeping gun powder in a home lit and heated by open flame was dangerous. In April of 1775 British troops sought to seize those Powder Houses and confiscate what they had declared to be ‘illegal arms’, the personal weapons of individual citizens.

Our Founding Fathers stood up and said ‘NO!’

Today we are faced with legislation that attempts to do the very thing the British tried to do 235 years ago, outlaw the personal weapons of American citizens and confiscate them without even token compensation. Unlike our Founding Father we have a voice that we can make heard by our Legislators and we need to raise that voice now, loudly and in unison.

On Thursday, August 16th, 2012, Senator Yee’s bill, SB 249 will be heard by the Appropriations Committee and there it will be decided whether this bill is voted on by our State Legislators. As of 12:01AM Monday morning we have roughly 80 hours to make our voices heard and to stop this bill in the Appropriations Committee.

This is why we are launching the ’80 Hours for Freedom’ campaign.

80 hours to contact Senator Yee and the members of the Appropriations Committee. We will, with your help, be inundating these Legislators with a different means of contact each day asking them to oppose SB 249.

Monday by sending letters by Mail that will arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday by phone calls to their offices.

Wednesday by emails flooding their inboxes.

Thursday by sending faxes, keeping their fax machines running from dawn to dusk.

Follow this link, www.calguns.net/249 and click on the day of the week for that days action and a listing of the Appropriation Committee members and their addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers as well as short, simple and direct letters you can print, sign and mail, fax and copy in to emails. If you choose to write your own message, remember to keep it polite, concise and to the point, stick to the facts and again, remain polite.

Our Founding Fathers said ‘No!’ to the banning and confiscation of privately owned firearms, now it’s time for us to follow in their footsteps and do the same.

Please join us in making this a week that our Legislators will not forget.

For more information visit www.calguns.net or contact pr@calguns.net.

California Senator Yee; another San Francisco liberal …

While Yee has the wrong view of the Second Amendment, he appears to be one of those liberals who honestly believes that what he is doing will be for the betterment of the community and actually make a difference. Therefore, the only way to stop him and his craziness is to show him that the community opposes his legislation and will deny him what he loves most – his position in the next election cycle.

Any questions, the guys and gals at www.calguns.net are willing and able to supply additional information or advice.

-- steve

Full disclosure: I am a life member (endowment level) of the National Rifle Association.

-- steve

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