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Boston Political Corruption Surfaces to Protect CAB franchises?

Politicians, the beneficiaries of the large contributions made by protected franchises such as cab services, have always attempted to stifle any technology which would bring greater transparency and accountability into the marketplace.

So why should we not be surprises that Boston wants to kill competition by claiming GPS-based systems should not be allowed in their jurisdiction?

Boston Shuts Down Uber Because Massachusetts Doesn't Approve Of The GPS

 One company that seems to be running into such things all the time is Uber, who is taking on local state and city regulations around the country as it tries to offer its innovative (and quite useful) transportation service in various metropolitan areas. You may remember the big fight in DC about some regulations that would have hindered Uber by forcing it to charge high prices. Up in Boston, things are even more bizarre. The company has been effectively told to cease and desist from offering its service. This has happened elsewhere, due to various silly regulations regarding cab and livery services, but in Massachusetts they seem to do everything in an especially screwed up manner and this is no exception.

The reason Uber can no longer serve the Boston region: Because they were making use of this crazy newfangled technology called "GPS" to measure the distances that cars traveled for the purpose of billing users. <Source>

Could it be because cab franchise owners make more money with dishonest billing? Could it be that the franchise cab owners are requesting political favors to keep the system, which would cost them money, from being installed? Or could it be because the city benefits from the tax revenue overage? Could it be because the system is auditable and can back-trace trips to see if the customers were being bilked?


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Look at the benefits of using Uber over traditional cabs: mobile device dispatch, everything seamlessly billed to your credit card. No hassle here!

Massachusetts politicians – including Barney Frank, John Kerry, the late Teddy Kennedy – were never known as early adopters of technology which would increase transparency and accountability when it comes to politically-regulated monopolies. And certainly most politicians have a financial incentive to keep newer players out of markets controlled by their donors!

Bottom line …

Follow the money. Those who limit technology which improves accuracy, accountability and transparency should be regarded suspiciously by consumers and voters. Those that limit free market economics and seemingly bar new competitors who use newer technologies need to be thrown out of office.
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