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Only YOU can save America!

It has occurred to me that this election, more than any other in history, provides the clearest delineation between good and evil.  Where decency and democracy are arrayed against those who would have us become unexceptional population units to be managed by a corrupt ruling elite; ostensibly for the benefit of some mythical utopian collective, but in reality the self-serving agendas of the corrupt politicians who have turned governance into an imperial, dictatorial leadership.

Those who promote decency, democracy, and freedom need to rally the average citizen – be they democrat, republican or independent – and make them aware of the struggle for power in the 2012 election cycle.

They must point to the failed foreign and domestic policies of the current administration and rise beyond treating political parties as sports teams and politicians like celebrities.

It is time to return to the long hard road to recovery – to restore that shining city on the hill. We must remove those who have contempt for liberty and who have attempted to make us more like another unexceptional nation in the international community.

We are Americans – a unique people whose complementary strengths make us the most powerful and productive nation on the planet.

We do not have time for a President and his fellow travelers who have squandered their majority vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate in first two years of their administration to pursue a foreign and corrupt ideology rather than repairing the economic and social damage that was created by previous flawed assumptions, corrupt and self-serving politicians, and a cadre of lawyers who set out to hide the true meaning of legislation passed by Congress. 

While we are unlikely to find men like former Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan, we can at least prepare for the 2016 election cycle by electing a man who will start the nation on the road to recovery.

I suggest that our nation and every American citizen has a vested interest in removing the corrupt, self-serving and ideologically flawed people from our government. To replace celebrity with competence. And to restore honor, dignity and strength to America.

-- steve 

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