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Michelle Obama doesn't want you to know the answers ...

I was struck with the sight of First Lady Michelle Obama standing before a podium and forcefully saying …

“We all know who Barack Obama is, don’t we?”

“We all know what Barack Obama stands for?”

Unfortunately, Michelle, we do not know who Barack Obama is …

Legitimate candidates produce their birth certificates on demand. They do not delay, obfuscate or pettifog the issue for years. His representatives have spent millions of dollars fighting court requests to see the original document in situ, in Hawaii – not political attestations that it does exist. With one wave of his hand, Obama could allow the State of Hawaii to show everything they have. But he doesn’t do that; making me believe he is hiding something.

Legitimate candidates produce their “writings” while in school as well as provide access to their school applications and transcripts. There is a suspicion that President Obama was admitted to Occidental College as a foreign student or one that, at least, held dual citizenship. But he refuses to allow the records to be seen.

Legitimate candidates would provide information on passports held and travels to foreign lands. Especially when they received schooling in those lands. Obama refuses to disclose whether or not he has a legitimate American passport and what passports he used when traveling abroad.

Legitimate candidates have a narrative featuring verifiable friends, not composites used in an allegedly ghost-written autobiography.

Legitimate candidates respond with the reasons they lost the right to practice law in their home state, Obama refuses to address the issue.

Here is a man who hangs with certifiable domestic terrorists and bombers. Here is a man who hangs with certifiable Marxists and communists. Here is a man who hangs with people who hate America.  Forget political alliances, you are known by the company you keep in your private life. And Obama runs with a pretty nasty crowd of America-haters. In my humble opinion, the fifth-column destroying America from within.

So I suggest to you Michelle … that we don’t know much more about Obama than he is a self-absorbed empty suit and a devotee of the TelePrompTer.

But we do know what he stands for …

Here we have a three-year record of his actions.

He supports big government with the executive branch being stronger than the other “co-equal” branches of government, Congress and the Judiciary.

He supports Marxist beliefs: America is unexceptional and should bow down before the international Marxist community.

He fetes the “collective” over the “individual” who made America great. And believes that the government should provide direction to your life and assume the responsibility for your care.

He appears to hate Wall Street and capitalists, but has no problem accepting their money and providing them with special interest contracts and subsidies.

He decries the crony-capitalism of the Bush years, but has no problem with the crony-Marxism that gave us Solyndra and the other so-called “green” projects which protected the big-money Obama donors and not the American taxpayer.

Bottom line …

Here is an affirmative action President who managed to get himself elected due to the left-leaning tendencies of the media, the absence of investigative reporting, and the collective guilt of the liberal whites who wanted to prove to their peers that they were not racists by openly supporting and voting for a Black man.

And about that, Obama is only half-black and by all indications is all about his so-cool narcissistic self. He routinely plays the race card and is a divider, not a uniter – as originally promised.

He is incompetent and inept when it comes to managing domestic and foreign policy.

He outsources critical legislation to Congress and foreign affairs to dodgy advisors with a Marxist message.

He lies to the American people with impunity and those who challenge him openly are deemed to be bigots and racists.

He takes credit for everything positive and blames everything negative on others. He thinks he is a super-hero that killed Osama bin Laden – when he signed-off on a lawyer-crafted order to the military.

His administration routinely discloses classified information to the media and to our enemies. All to promote a dodgy political agenda.

The charade is over – the man and his Marxist mission are a failure. Forget Obama turning America into Greece; he is trying to turn America into a morally and financially bankrupt California – with its dysfunctional democrat/Marxist elite ruling class.

No Michelle, we don’t know who Barack Obama is, but we sure as hell know what he stands for. And it certainly is not the America we know and love.

We do not wish him well on his next historic achievement – as morally bankrupt as receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidency of the United States on the basis of affirmative action – when he becomes the next America-hating head of the United Nations.

As for those who claim Obama plays the class card – you are wrong. The man has absolutely no class whatsoever. 

Michelle says: "From now until November, Barack needs all of you to get out there and tell everyone you know about our values."

I agree --  from now until November, get out there and tell everyone you know about Obama's record.

-- steve

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