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A great read from an up-and-coming author …

Being a fast reader, and even though I have three unread books on my nightstand (Jeffrey Archer’s “Shall We Tell the President,” Tom Clancy Presents “Act of Valor;” and Clive Cussler’s Crescent Dawn), I decided to read my friend Gary Land’s new novel.

Of course, it was with little or no anticipation or expectations because most first novels are less than entertaining and, in the worst case, unreadable.

Beyond surprised – amazed really – I found The Black Chip to be a first-rate book from an amazing talent. Something which I expect you to eagerly judge for yourself.

Tired as I was, I couldn’t put down this tightly-plotted, tightly written tale. Late into the night I read on, totally captivated by the twists and turns that compelled me to keep turning pages. Dead-tired, but certainly elated, I reached the immensely satisfying conclusion that had me ready for more. Something that only happens with major works from well-established technically-infused action/adventure novels.

The books hero, Noly Boots (an unusual name explained as the story unfolds) is a former Air Force officer with an outstanding background in what appears to be black-ops – turned private investigator. Fed up with dealing with the dregs of humanity, he appears to be trying to put his background behind him – all financed by a big score from a previous job.

When handling multi-million dollar transactions, it is the thought of every IT executive who possesses the “keys to the kingdom,” that it’s not real money until it’s in your bank account. And when the right motive meets means and opportunity anything can happen. Thus starts an avalanche of events that draws taciturn Noly Boots back into his former life – this time to save a woman and her precocious child and in the process rescue his own hard-edged humanity.

Set in the gritty milieu of Las Vegas, “lost wages” to many of us simple folks, this is far from the formulaic book that one would expect. The characters have depth, humanity and understandable emotions. The writing tight enough to put you into the scene.

Since I cannot reveal more without a “spoiler warning,” I strongly suggest you visit Amazon for a sample taste – or at 99-cents – buy the entire book for a great afternoon or evening read.

It has my highest recommendation – which is not given lightly when it comes to book reviews.

Bottom line …

Well worth the price, free to Amazon Prime Customers, this is what the Kindle is all about. A great diversion from the troubles one encounters in your daily life. Entertaining and captivating, your cares will vanish as you turn each page.

-- steve

Buy it here!

Disclaimer: There is no referrer link and I do not profit in any way from this recommendation.

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