I can’t help wondering if outspoken progressive liberals like the extremely wealthy Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Diane Feinstein are using their liberal credentials to mask the fact that they may be profiting from inside information? Using the protections of political office to violate the Securities and Exchange Commission laws which would send an ordinary citizen to jail for trading on insider information.

My suspicions are reinforced by a number of recent articles such as this one from the Washington Free Beacon’s Andrew Styles …

“Smartest Guy in the Room”

“Five-terms in the Senate have made failed presidential candidate, Obama surrogate, and potential secretary of State John Kerry an amazingly prescient investor.”

“The five-term Senator has a well-documented history of investing in companies that would benefit from policies he supports, as well as making conveniently timed and highly profitable trades coinciding with the passage of major legislation and, in some cases, the dissemination of privileged information.” (See the Reference Links below to continue reading the gory details.)

What better way to insulate yourself from the combined outrage of the American people than to pretend that you are a champion of the downtrodden and support massive entitlement spending? Building a big cheering section and voting block which keeps you in office so you can plunder the people’s treasury.

The unholy Congressional Cabal …

With all of the investigations in Congress, why is Maxine Waters’ investigation in the Ethics Committee stalled for years? How does Charlie Rangel walk away from tax evasion charges and remain acceptable enough to be reelected? Why else would people spend millions of dollars to secure an elective office that pays a few hundred thousand dollars? Power and the ability to profit from the office seems to be the inescapable conclusion.

Bottom line …

Never before in the history of the United States have we faced such a confluence of corrupt politicians and special interests willing to subvert the politicial system for their personal gain.

Never before have we allowed Marxists and Communists to openly cavort in the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Never below have we sat idly by and watched massively corrupt and incompetent politicians remain in office without investigation into their underhanded schemes.

2012 is approaching and you, and you alone, will decide whether or not we will allow the corruption of our nation to occur. One one hand, we have the progressives/Marxists/Communists/Democrats who appear to be delighting in the death of capitalism as they steal with both hands. And on the other hand, we have the Republicans who want to return to the political dung heap to insure that they and their supporters are getting their fair share of the spoils.

Both political parties are riddled with ideologues, incompetents and corruption.

And it is your duty to sort it all out this coming November.

Unfortunately, we are once again provided with a Hobson’s choice of two equally distasteful options. A liberal republican who, at least, likes promote American values and another liberal who likes to denigrate America while he plans for the destruction of capitalism.

Not to mention the local, state and federal representatives who are not as well known, but are equally as corrupt and incompetent. Especially here in California where the Marxist legislature is supporting one-third of the nation’s poor and disadvantaged and is hell-bent on enlarging that number by supporting illegal aliens who should have no rights to our social benefits.

I don’t envy your job in protecting yourself and your family from the worst bunch of freebooters since Kings and despots ruled the world.

I don’t pretend to have the answers to the dilemma facing America – and I am ever hopeful that the wisdom of its citizens will act to right the foundering ship of state before we all go down with the ship while the captain and crew sit laughing in their well-provisioned plush pleasure yachts.

-- steve

Reference Links …

Smartest Guy in the Room | Washington Free Beacon

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