It annoys me no end to find corrupt politicians being honored for using the people’s money to grab permanent glory by being honored on public property (buildings and monuments) or by being honored as if they actually invented something of societal significance.

Something stinks …

To honor Al Gore as one of the “global connectors of the Internet” and to leave the name of Marc Andreessen off the list is outrageous.

Al Gore helped pass legislation related to the funding of Internet infrastructure. He did not sign the legislation into law. He did not invent the Internet’s  technical protocols, hardware or software. He was a single vote – among many –others. But like his faux-global warming scam, he was vocal.

In my opinion, Marc Andreessen, the un-listed co-creator Mosaic, the first major web browser did more to promote the Internet and open it up to the average non-technical citizen than the listed Craig Newmark who capitalized on the Internet infrastructure to build Craigslist – an online classified ad listing service.

The honors accorded to Vint Cerf, the late Jon Postel, Tim Berners-Lee, Linus Torvalds and many of the others are honestly and richly deserved.

Here is the press release announcing the honors …

Internet Hall of Fame Inductees Honored at Historic First Annual Awards Ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland

Internet Society celebrates inductees' landmark achievements at Global INET 2012

Launches new website to highlight Internet Hall of Fame, www.internethalloffame.org

WASHINGTON & GENEVA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The names of the inaugural Internet Hall of Fame inductees were announced today at the Internet Society's Global INET 2012 conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Internet pioneers and luminaries from around the world gathered at the conference to mark the Internet Society's 20th anniversary, and attend an Awards Gala to honor the following 2012 inductees:

Pioneers Circle

Recognizing individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet: Paul Baran, Vint Cerf, Danny Cohen, Steve Crocker, Donald Davies, Elizabeth Feinler, Charles Herzfeld, Robert Kahn, Peter Kirstein, Leonard Kleinrock, John Klensin, Jon Postel, Louis Pouzin, and Lawrence Roberts.


Recognizing individuals who made outstanding technological, commercial, or policy advances and helped to expand the Internet's reach: Mitchell Baker, Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau, Van Jacobson, Lawrence Landweber, Paul Mockapetris, Craig Newmark, Raymond Tomlinson, Linus Torvalds, and Philip Zimmermann.

Global Connectors

Recognizing individuals from around the world who have made significant contributions to the global growth and use of the Internet: Randy Bush, Kilnam Chon, Al Gore, Nancy Hafkin, Geoff Huston, Brewster Kahle, Daniel Karrenberg, Toru Takahashi, and Tan Tin Wee.

Commenting on the 2012 Internet Hall of Fame inductees, Internet Society President and CEO Lynn St.Amour stated, "This historic assembly of Internet visionaries, innovators, and leaders represents an extraordinary breadth of vision and work. While the inductees have extremely diverse backgrounds and represent many different countries, each individual has an incredible passion for their work. We all benefit from their outstanding contributions to a global Internet, making it one of the greatest catalysts of economic and societal development of all time."

Raúl Echeberría, Chairman of the Internet Society's Board of Trustees, noted, "The Internet, which connects more than two billion people around the world today, is the result of many important contributions from creative and visionary individuals over the past several decades. The 2012 Internet Hall of Fame celebrates the advancements of 33 talented people who have made significant contributions to the design, development, and expansion of the Internet."

In conjunction with the announcement, the Internet Society has launched a website at www.internethalloffame.org that will showcase the inductees and their contributions on an ongoing basis. The website, which includes inductee photographs and biographies, will feature an exclusive interview series authored by Wired. Highlighting multiple inductees each month in Q&A interviews, the first interview will feature Internet Hall of Fame Pioneer Vint Cerf.

About the Internet Hall of Fame

The Internet Hall of Fame is an annual awards program that has been established by the Internet Society to publicly recognize a distinguished and select group of leaders and luminaries who have made significant contributions to the development and advancement of the global Internet. More information on the program can be found at www.internethalloffame.org.

About the Internet Society

The Internet Society is the trusted independent source for Internet information and thought leadership from around the world. With its principled vision and substantial technological foundation, the Internet Society promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and other organizations. Working with its members and Chapters around the world, the Internet Society enables the continued evolution and growth of the Internet for everyone. For more information, see: http://www.internetsociety.org


Bottom line …

Giving corrupt politicians, like Ed Royal or Charles Rangel honors by naming significant structures, ships or military bases after them is obscene. They spent the public’s money to buy votes, media attention and public recognition. To honor their political corruption is both unwarranted and unnecessary.

Politicians should be excluded from all signage – especially that signage which is changed – at great public expense – with every change of administration. It is a waste of money and serves no public purpose.

-- steve


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