I cannot help but wonder about the motives of those who have managed to plunder the pockets of the American consumer by legislatively changing the laws which subvert the intent of those who drafted the Constitution.

“To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”   --  U.S. Constitution - Article 1 Section 8 

Thus it was the intention of the Founding Fathers to allow creators of content and inventions to produce and profit from their efforts for a limited amount of time in order to encourage placing such works in the public domain after a suitable period of time. The key being the word "limited" which should be construed to be reasonable in light of the public bargain being struck. 

The “Disney Effect” …

Those that held copyrights on commercially lucrative recordings, videos and films decided to spend a portion of their revenue stream influencing mostly corrupt and self-serving politicians to extend the time period for exclusivity farther and farther into the future. In addition, the actual creators, the individual artists, were forced via economic considerations or the denial of market access to cede their property rights to the gatekeepers who controlled the marketplace.

All seemingly to prevent materials featuring a certain mouse-like cartoon character from falling into the public domain.

The loss of freedom …

And it has been these distribution gatekeepers who have imposed some of the most draconian anti-freedom, anti-commerce laws upon the citizens of the United States in order to preserve their constitutionally-guaranteed monopoly.

Even to the point of stealth taxes on blank recording media that could be re-distributed to the major content distributors as pseudo-compensation for revenues lost to illegal copying.

Even to the point of demanding that makers of electronic devices embed secret codes – known as GUIDs (Globally Unique IDentifiers) --  in each device and to embed those codes into any files produced by these electronic devices; even if the content produced was created by the original author.

And even to the point of having your devices report all activity involving “licensed” material to computers maintained by anonymous third-parties.

Everyone wants a piece of that Hollywood monopoly action …

Not to be outdone by the Hollywood content distributors, certain businessmen have sought a similar monopoly over their products and services. Once again by lobbying corrupt politicians to create a new class of patents – business process patents – which did little more than represent the automation of existing paper procedures. Extending patent coverage to products and services which were formerly unpatentable because they were not new and novel on the basis of “prior art” or the anticipation of the invention by a practitioner skilled in the subject matter art and practices.

Which brings me to today’s rant …

While there is little or no doubt in my mind that the government should protect patents on destructive weaponry which can confer an advantage on our enemies … we now see that certain businesses are once again lobbying the most corrupt and liberal politicians to allow them to hide their patents on the basis of being “economically significant.” Allowing the Patent office to deny patent protection to others based on some secret and “unchallengeable” patent that does not disclose its details and claims in a public forum.

According to the Federal Register …

The creation of more state secrets: this time for commercial purposes. 

Secrecy Orders for Economically Significant Patents

Notice of Request for Comments on the Feasibility of Placing Economically Significant Patents Under a Secrecy Order and the Need to Review Criteria Used in Determining Secrecy Orders Related to National Security

Pursuant to a request from Congress, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking comments as to whether the United States should identify and bar from publication and issuance certain patent applications as detrimental to the nation’s economic security. The USPTO is also seeking comments on the desirability of changes to the existing procedures for reviewing applications that might be detrimental to national security.

The devil is in the details …

Like most legislation written by industry lobbyists, the details are vague and often left up to the rulemaking authority of an unelected official whose term of office makes it doubtful that they will make waves within the current administration – especially if the buck those special interests who supply campaign funding, voter support or media attention.

The crux of the matter …

While we can all agree that patent details on atomic weaponry and devices of mass destruction should be withheld from our enemies, most technology has a dual purpose and thus can be considered as affecting "national defense” or the "economy" of our nation.

I can easily envision circuitry that allows the government to track individuals in a stealthy manner to be such a “national security” item – even though it will be used to track individuals for commercial reasons; ostensibly to serve up advertising or provide a better “experience.”

But even worse, almost any new development from the major computer manufacturers or the software makers such as Apple, Google, Amazon could easily be classified as being “economically significant” to our nation.

But it is a smokescreen …

Our enemies, notably China and Russia have been engaged in military and industrial espionage for years – as have some of our most trusted allies. If the Chinese could obtain nuclear secrets and guidance technology that was never public or patented – what is the actual purpose of this, in my opinion, bogus legislation.

 Bottom line …

This is another issue which must be studied closely by freedom-loving patriots who have witnessed the significant corruption of our current government, both parties included.  by those who want to kill capitalism and redistribute the wealth – both financial and intellectual – to our enemies.

The liberals that control the Hollywood content and distribution machines are slowly giving way to the liberals who control the Internet infrastructure and may be using the significant clout of their companies to lobby for both commercial advantage and to promote their toxic ideology. An ideology, I might add, that they are immune from because of their position, power and existing wealth.

We have seen more freedom lost to the government in the guise of protecting national security than we can ever know or even imagine. We must be vigilant to insure that the government is not being handed the keys to our homes, cars, computers and very soul by those corrupt bastards who have purchased our politicians and who are using the
“power of the people” to promote their own agenda.

I urge you to read the document referenced below and make your feelings know to your legislators, to your groups and to your friends. Stand up and fight those who would secure their fortunes on your back in the guise of protecting information from our enemies. Enemies which have purchased American lobbyists, politicians and corporations to carry our their nefarious actions.

-- steve

Reference Links …

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