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The mainstream media is doing their best to characterize the Occupy Wall Street crowd as ordinary Americans who are disaffected and dissatisfied with the current state of our economy and bringing attention to Wall Street as the proximate cause. Something akin to a younger, hipper version of the Tea Party Movement.

Nothing could be further from the truth …

This is a well-orchestrated propaganda ploy on behalf of radical Marxists and their fellow travelers, the communists and anarchists, who are attempting to build another grass-roots political movement to promote a far left ideology.

Look beyond the students, many of whom consider this to be a recreation of the fabled 60s protest movements which featured hippies, free love, drugs, sex and rock-and-roll and you will see the same old socialists, Marxists, communists and anarchists who inhabit the no-nukes, social justice and environmental justice movements. The people who believe capitalism must be defeated and destroyed to bring justice to the people. These are the people screaming “Power to the People” while ceding their personal power and individuality to a clique that is defined by Marxism to be the enlightened, ruling elite. Where the individual is destroyed in favor of the collective and everything is about justice: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Pure Marxism which has bred some of the most violent and vicious mass-murdering regimes in history.

All welcomed by President Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress – including the democrats, many of whom are thoroughly corrupt and acting in their self-interest; using their leftist agenda to plunder the U.S. Treasury and achieve perpetual political power.

They need this rag-tag group to divert attention from the tremendous damage the democrats and Barack Obama have done to America.

They need to occupy the mainstream media with their drivel lest they report on the real government corruption happening in front of their faces.

They need to insure Obama and the democrats are not held accountable for their corruption.

View the movie as see the tax cheat who controlled much of the tax legislation, Charlie Rangel, explain “I cannot possibly see anything more American than this.” Since when is the Communist Party part of America?

How stupid are these protesters?

The truth is hiding in plain sight – obscured by the hoopla and mainstream media. Government policies and the failure of the hyper-politicized regulatory agencies were the enablers of this financial fiasco. It is the government who was pushing billions to foreign countries as part of its wealth redistribution program. It was the government that was pushing billions to left wing educational institutions to study global warming science – to convince citizens that the draconian public policies which created higher taxes, higher prices and reduced personal freedoms were necessary to save the planet.

But if you want to see these students go crazy, wait until they find out that the government took over the handling of student loans – giving loans to anyone that was breathing – mainly to subsidize the educational institutions which were biased to the left and controlled by unions.

Wait until these useful idiots find out that student loans are the new subprime bubble – over $1 trillion outstanding in 2011; more than the nation’s credit card debt. And unlike credit card debt, student loans are difficult to discharge in bankruptcy.

Wait until they find that their $100,000 degree in “gender studies” or “social justice” is worthless in today’s technological society. And that nobody gives a rat’s ass for their interpretation of the social customs of illegal aliens.

And, unlike the Tea Party Movement, a politer, cleaner group that wants smaller government, lower taxes and less government interference in the free market, this crowd want increased taxes, more government and a Marxist redistribution of wealth. Un-American to its core.

From my friends at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama …

Scary huh?

And the progressives are not only on the left …

We have progressives on the right – one need only look at Mitt Romney to see that he is a RINO; Republican In Name Only. A flip-flopper whose positions change with the last poll numbers. A man whose RomneyCare became the plan for ObamaCare. A man whose 59-point plan smacks of Obama’s rhetoric – taxing those above $200,000.

“As president, Romney will seek to eliminate taxation on capital gains, dividends, and interest for any taxpayer with an adjusted gross income of under $200,000, helping
Americans to prepare for retirement and enjoy the freedom that accompanies
financial security. This would encourage more Americans to save and to invest for
the long-term, which would in turn free up capital for investment flowing back
into the economy and helping to facilitate economic growth.” <Source>

Draw your own conclusion about those who have an adjusted gross income of $200,000. – Hello Mr. Obamney!

Bottom line …

While I acknowledge that our financial institutions were complicit in the catastrophe before us, I know four things.

One, our present system of corrupt government officials pandering to the special interests is unsustainable.

Two, our nation is beset with individuals who do not wish America well – and may be following the dictates of foreign powers.

Three, we need to elect constitutional conservatives to office; honest brokers to serve “We the People.”

And I do not mean nutters like Ron Paul who whines endlessly about a libertarian world that exists nowhere in nature. Or useful aisle-hopping idiots like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the other so-called “moderates.”


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Wishing you and yours safety, security and the America we all deserve.

-- steve

Check out Herman Cain – he may not be polished, may misspeak from time-to-time, but he is certainly as qualified as any of the other “political candidates” and probably a whole lot “truthier.”  The mere fact that the mainstream media is supporting Mitt Romney as the “front runner” should give you pause.

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