The democrats warn about “identity theft” …

It appears that California democrats and their union allies attempted to stifle the participation of Californians in the initiative process by floating the idea that signing ballot initiatives at supermarkets and other venues might lead to identity theft.

Dan Walters, writing in the Sacramento Bee …

The Democrats' drive to disable the initiative system is indicated, too, by a strange radio ad that popped up recently, warning listeners that if they signed ballot measure petitions they'd run the risk of identity theft.

The sponsor is a semi- secretive group called Californians Against Identity Theft that is apparently financed by construction unions worried about ballot measures that would ban project labor agreements. <Source>

Basically, the democrats and their union buddies claim that the information you hand over to that “unregistered” signature gatherer – your name, address and signature – can be used to perpetrate identity theft.

And then do the very same thing …

Capture10-1-2011-8.07.15 PM

Dear Democratic Voter:

Thank you for deciding to become a "Permanent Vote-By-Mail" voter. We appreciate that you took the time to speak with us on the phone recently.

As you know, becoming a "Permanent Vote-By-Mail" voter gives you the flexibility to vote at home at your convenience, but still allows you the choice to just go to your local polling place to vote in any election.

I've enclosed the official form from the County Registrar of Voters. Please fill it out completely, sign and date it, and drop it in a mailbox. Postage has been pre-paid, so no stamps are necessary.

Research shows that voter participation increases as more voters like you sign up to have their ballots mailed to them while still maintaining the option to vote at the polls. 

And as you know, we have critically important elections coming up next year, including the Presidential election. So much is at stake-including our economy and the availability of good jobs, and the quality of our schools.

Please call us at 213-909-1879 if you have any questions. In the meantime, please visit our website to learn about what the California Democratic Party is doing to elect effective leaders-and to learn how you can get involved.



John Burton, Chairman
California Democratic Party

Red Flag One: Will this alleged “official form” for “APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT VOTE BY MAIL STATUS”  be returned directly to the County Registrar of Voters?

Here is the “official” address …

Capture10-1-2011-8.22.19 PM

Here is where it really is going …

Capture10-1-2011-8.20.57 PM

As you plainly can see, your request is being sent directly to the democrat party headquarters in Los Angeles, where it can easily serve as the basis for a mailing list or – heaven forbid – the basis of “identify theft” and illegal vote tampering. Something not unknown to the democrat party.

Red Flag Two:  Information solicited by signature gatherers was fairly well-contained among only a few people; not so the very same information sent by postcard to the democrat party.

Capture10-1-2011-8.28.17 PM

Here we see that the postcard is openly sent through the U.S. mail and exposed to a much larger group of random people.

Red Flag Three: Signature gatherers do not ask you for your date of birth or telephone number.

The petition must have room for the signature of each petition signer as well as his or her printed name, residence address, and city or unincorporated community name. Signature spaces must be consecutively numbered commencing with the number 1 for each petition section. A minimum one-inch space shall be left at the top of each page and after each name for use by the county elections official. (Elections Code §§ 100, 9013.) <Source>

Red Flag Four: Most people will not fill-in an alternate address where the ballot may be sent.

Having an open field where some evil-doer can simply add an address to divert a ballot is an open invitation to chicanery.

Red Flag Five: It is against the law to use the information contained on an initiative petition for any other use.

I, __________, acknowledge that it is a misdemeanor under state law (Section 18650 of the Elections Code) to knowingly or willfully allow the signatures on an initiative petition to be used for any purpose other than qualification of the proposed measure for the ballot. I certify that I will not knowingly or willfully allow the signatures for this initiative to be used for any purpose other than
qualification of the measure for the ballot. <Source>

There doesn’t appear to be any law preventing the democrat party from inserting themselves into an official voter  process  imaging this form or capturing your information.

Absentee (or permanent vote-by-mail) ballots are more prone to fraudulent manipulation that ballots cast at a polling place …

Voter Fraud Watch … 

California is the latest state warning of suspected absentee ballot fraud.

In Bakersfield, Kern County election officials caution voters not to give their absentee ballots to a third party. Officials say they should be mailed in, returned to the Elections Department in person, or turned in at any polling place on Election Day.

A Democratic voter says two young men, maybe teenagers, knocked on her door with what appeared to be a bagful of absentee ballots that hadn't been turned in yet and forcefully requested she turn hers over. <Source

And we have all heard the stories about ballots mysteriously turning up at the post office or in other strange places – suspiciously providing the winning majority although the proportion of votes found does not match the proportion of votes cast by others in the same race.

Bottom line …

Once again, we have a demonstration of how the democrat party may be attempting to manipulate voters and elections.

Not only sowing fear among the population that their petition information can be stolen and misused – but turning around and putting these same voters at an even greater risk of identity theft. As this latest democrat scheme to capture your information is more prone to identity theft and misuse than a petition involving your legal right to use the initiative process to make your wishes known to the government. But since they are self-serving hypocrites, this doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.

I urge you to vote for constitutional conservatives who will right the ship of state and prevent America from sailing into the dangerous shoals of European-style democratic socialism.

The democrats are desperate as their politicians, policies and programs have failed or riddled with corruption, waste, fraud and abuse. They will do or say anything to gain or maintain political power.

Your vote is a precious thing and it is your duty to make sure that it isn’t compromised and stolen by any political party or politician.

-- steve

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