Damning Herman Cain with faint praise ...

We have all heard the term “damned by faint praise,” and that should be the theme when analyzing what the mainstream media and some cable pundits are doing to Herman Cain.

They acknowledge his almost miraculous ascendency in the polls are are asking:

Is Herman Cain the new darling of the Tea Party?

Someone who will rise in the polls like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry – only to fizzle out like Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani? Subtly asking whether or not Herman Cain is serious about the Presidency or is he only flogging his newly published book and creating a power base as Sarah Palin or Chris Christie appear to be doing?

They acknowledge his front-runner or parity status is the top tier and ask:

Can Herman Cain beat Barack Obama in the general election?

They acknowledge that Herman Cain appears to be a conservative, speaking of individualism, hard work, self-reliance, lower taxes, smaller government and no-nonsense social positions when it comes to illegal aliens and the entitlement culture. Then they go on to ask:

Can Herman Cain capture the hearts and minds of “independent voters” who would like a more moderate stand on all political issues and would rather vote for someone like a Mitt Romney?

They acknowledge that Herman Cain is bringing the type of thoughtful political discourse on the issues that both political parties have been promising for years. Going on to ask:

Can Herman Cain succeed because he lacks legislative experience and is an unknown quantity when it comes to the art of compromising with one’s political opponents to get things done?

They speak of Huntsman’s experience with China – in the service of Barack Obama – although we know that it was the power and influence of his billionaire businessman father’s political clout that saw him snag political plums like the Ambassadorship. But this only serves as an opportunity to ask:

Can Herman Cain, with no foreign affairs experience, possibly deal with terrorism, Iran, North Korea, China, Syria, Egypt, Russia, Israel and do it with diplomacy and respect?

They talk about the global economy and the financial meltdown occurring in Europe and ask:

How can a Herman Cain deal with foreign economies that are in crisis?

The talk about how tax reform is definitely required and then ask:

Will Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan (9% flat business tax, 9% individual flat tax, and a 9% national sales tax) be the gateway to even higher taxes? Claiming that once those tax levels are established, Congress is certainly going to raise the rates – even if they must wait until Herman Cain is out of veto range. Or that Herman Cain’s plan enabled another tax program vector of adding a NEW national sales tax.

But the most damning praise for Herman Cain’s abilities seems to bring out the ultimate Cain-killer question:

We have seen what Barack Obama’s lack of experience has done to America, can we trust a politically inexperienced man like Herman Cain to lead America? Might he not repeat the failures of Obama? Might he not hire the right advisors – and listen to the wrong people?

The mainstream media has a question and a preferred answer to everything.

Bottom line …

One, the mainstream media and many cable news pundits are covertly partisan and are slanting their coverage. If not to reelect Barack Obama, then to elect a moderate who will give the progressives their win; albeit at a slower pace.

Two, the political establishment on both sides of the aisle are afraid of Herman Cain. They do not know how to deal with a man who clearly knows right from wrong and is willing to debate the issue – loudly and forcefully – in a public venue.

Three, the special interests are afraid of Herman Cain because they are fearful that their gravy train will come to a screeching halt or that they may be held accountable for failing their public mission.

Four, the unions are afraid of Herman Cain because he knows how unions reward merit with mediocrity, replace innovation with complacency; driving costs up, productivity down and inserting themselves in the running of the enterprise that is America.

Five, you can tell the progressive democrats sell-outs in the Black community are worried as they are playing their little race card and referring to Herman Cain as not being “authentically black” as if authentic blacks were all Marxists and entitlement moochers with their hands out. Cain worries these people – he is a black role model for the young and represents the enlightenment that the Marxist always claim is just around the corner after the next election.

Most people are not political geeks and policy wonks – they barely know Herman Cain and his policies. Time will remedy this.

Above all, Herman Cain is not a Marxist, surrounded by fellow travelers trying to implement “technical Marxism” in the United States and setting the stage for a political transition to a European-style social democracy. Where power is shared between the politicians, unions and billionaire oligarchs.

I think Herman Cain is the most refreshing breath of fresh air to hit the stage – blowing the minds of the traditional politicians who will do or say anything to gain or maintain power. He is not at ideologue and he is certainly willing to listen to the American public.

In the final analysis, Herman Cain is a far better man, American and politician than Barack Obama and the majority of Congress. We have seen how the traditional political parties and their chosen politicians have driven us to the edge of the abyss. It is time for a change – and a businessman like Herman Cain is it.

-- steve

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