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The un-American democrat party …

America has always been a welcoming place, encouraging others to join us, to assimilate into the American way of life and to make their own fortunes. The country was founded on individualism and personal responsibility.

But the democrats have perverted the American value system. Primarily by soliciting campaign donations and voter support from “special interests” who, in turn, expect a “quid pro quo” response of special access to the corridors of power, contracts, grants, subsidies and legislative initiatives which favor their particular group – such as affirmative action – which de facto disadvantages other groups. Both corrupt and un-American. Something the Founding Fathers warned about in their communications about liberty, freedom and the founding of this country.

Even worse that the corruption of using the taxpayer’s money to purchase political support, is the democrat practice of creating and exploiting hyphenated-Americans.

Isolating and sowing dissention in particular identifiable communities of potential voters. Making these feel disadvantaged and forgotten. In essence creating a class of victims with one basic grievance: the government is not doing enough for us and is doing more for someone else. Overlooking their personal responsibility for their own actions and believing everything bad is now a societal issue.

The government is not providing enough jobs, a better education, more recreational opportunities; so we are justified in abrogating our personal responsibility to improve ourselves and thus are further justified in sitting around doing recreational drugs. It is also the government’s fault in allowing these drugs to be freely available as it entices our community to behave badly. And something must be wrong when those in our community are convicted of a crime and disproportionately occupy jail cells.

Of course, this is also a cultural issue. With some recently-arrived people attempting to turn America into a replica of their former home in crapistan – where mañana (an indefinite future) is a way of life and education is not a major issue with lesser-educated parents. Something that is not likely to be remedied by the continued balkanization of residential and commercial areas by the politicians. Here in Southern California, we have Chinatown, Little Korea, Little Tokyo, Thai Town and other areas where people of a single culture aggregate, speak ethnic languages, eat ethnic food and preserve ethnic customs and traditions rather than becoming part of the American family.

After balkanization and dividing Americans into hyphenated-Americans, the democrats form a coalition of the disaffected, disadvantages and disgusted – hoping that the totality of the numbers provides a win at the ballot box. Promising each of these groups and, most importantly, their leaders something in return for their support. Most un-American and a practices which perpetuates dissention along class, color, racial, ethnic, national origin, gender and sexual orientation lines. A corrupt practice that must stop before we balkanize ourselves out of the America we know and love.

The traditional “Judas Goats” …

Witness the religious leaders in the black and Jewish communities who are willing to sell out their people for handouts – whether it be the government’s promotion of their position as an “influential community leader” or simply the receipt of what has been popularly called “walking around money,” these leaders are nothing but shills and advocates for anyone willing to pay them their price.

It has always mystified me why Jewish leaders insist on supporting democrats like Carter and Obama who are, at the very least, anti-Israel and appear to be anti-Jew. Likewise, it has always mystified me why the Blacks do not clearly see that most of the most horrendous black inner city ghettos are controlled by democrats who have failed to account for billions of dollars in assistance in providing employment, reducing drugs and crime, rehabilitating housing and improving education. Where the hell did this money go? Are the blacks so blind as to notice that their party is pandering to the illegal aliens who are pushing them out of jobs and even their own communities.

A little proof …

As reported in the Washington Post …

Obama 2012 campaign’s Operation Vote focuses on ethnic minorities, core liberals

President Obama’s campaign is developing an aggressive new program to expand support from ethnic minority groups and other traditional Democratic voters as his team studies an increasingly narrow path to victory in next year’s reelection effort.”

“The program, called ‘Operation Vote,’ underscores how the tide has turned for Obama, whose 2008 brand was built on calls to unite ‘red and blue America.’ Then, he presented himself as a politician who could transcend traditional partisan divisions, and many white centrists were drawn to the coalition that helped elect the country’s first black president.”

President Obama lied and continues to lie …

Hope, Change, Overcoming Racial dissention appear to be nothing more than a campaign slogan from the man who is perpetually in “campaign mode;” lying to the American public about what he and his administration are doing to the nation. Like that other progressive democrat, Bill Clinton, it was always a game of don’t look behind the curtain because we are the most transparent and accountable administration ever.

We can see as much, or possibly even more, corrupt cronyism and incompetent malfeasance than we found in the previous Bush and Clinton administrations. But, at the very least, no one questioned or doubted President Bush’s commitment to America or his personal patriotism. 

More of “The Chicago Way” …

Synonymous with corruption and corrupt politics, “The Chicago Way” represents the very worst in democrat politics – and in human behavior. So why are we not surprised to read:

Operation Vote will function as a large, centralized department in the Chicago campaign office for reaching ethnic, religious and other voter groups. It will coordinate recruitment of an ethnic volunteer base and push out targeted messages online and through the media to groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, seniors, young people, gays and Asian Americans.”

You can’t get much more un-American than this. The political parties should be standing up for American values and saying, if you believe in what we are saying and what we are doing for all Americans, join us in making America an even better place to live. This is pretty much why I consider the Congressional Back Caucus (with the exception of Alan West) to be a group of racists pandering to their core constituency for the purpose of gaining and maintaining political power – the rest of America be damned.

Enter the Judas Goats …

“The campaign this month hired a longtime Jewish political activist as a point person for that community, the first of many such hirings to come this fall as staffers are brought on from each of the target groups.”

And it is complemented by changes at the White House, including the impending hiring of a new Jewish community liaison and the recent promotion of another aide tasked with forging closer ties to black lawmakers, who have accused Obama of shying away from boosting troubled African American communities out of fear of alienating white voters.

What is this bullshit? The American people have poured billions into black communities, billions into education, billions into housing initiatives – for what? I don’t see that anything has improved. Those who live in crapistan must want to leave the ghetto or improve the ghetto before we will see progress. Until the residents start accounting for themselves and their corrupt leadership, nothing much will change. What the hell has Maxine Waters done for her community? Why has the Congressional Ethics Committee dragged their feet on her alleged complicity in trying to get special favors for a bank associated with her husband?

A bid for the women’s vote features corruption and incompetence personified …

“A women’s page features a photo gallery of high-level female administration officials under the headline ‘Barack Obama’s Strong Leaders,’ including Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.”

Hillary Clinton who has never come to terms with her personal and White House corruption? Janet Napolitano who appears to be the incompetent version of Clinton’s Janet Reno? Valerie Jarrett, the Chicago wheeler-dealer linked to corrupt individuals and enterprises? These people are only marginally “women” and could mostly be described as figments of the feminist imagination.

Bottom line …

Once again, the democrats are pushing their un-American, corrupt and socialist views on America. Trying to turn America into the balkanized, unionized, socialistic crapistan that is found in Europe.

They hope that people will not notice that Obama’s performance, his fellow travelers and Congressional democrats have prolonged the recession – some say deliberately – with their central planning and continued government meddling into the housing and financial markets. Billions have gone missing and the government appears to be reluctant to provide an accounting for these missing or misused funds.

Not to say that the GOP is much better in their selection of candidates, but I at least hear something that glorifies American and wants to unite, rather than divide and exploit, Americans.

I am discouraged. With the level of corruption in government. With the pandering to public employee unions which work against the public. With balkanizing and dividing America for political advantage – something that is likely to bring about the decline, if not downfall, of our nation.

Want to see the future – it is right here in California. Where Hispanics have invaded the culture and are electing Mexican socialists with an allegiance to their foreign-born constituents, who in turn, still have loyalty for a foreign sovereign nation. We are being demographically bombed out of our houses, our jobs and our state by a foreign evasion – all at the hands of corrupt, pandering politicians who will do or say anything to gain or maintain political power.

I urge you to vote for honest brokers to serve “We the People.” Enough with the un-American democrats and the socialist/communist fellow travelers. I never thought I would see a day when a communist was invited through the front door of the White House and given a position of responsibility and power.

Enough is Enough. Obama and the Congressional democrats must be driven from office and replaced by constitutional conservatives. Unfortunately, I do not see enough of them in the Republican Party. So it appears that we may elect another RINO because anything or anybody is better than Barack Obama. Discouraging as we will be looking forward to more corruption and malaise until the 2016 election.

I hope note – but as my best friend Al says: “We’re doomed!”

-- steve

Reference Links …

Obama 2012 campaign’s Operation Vote focuses on ethnic minorities, core liberals - The Washington Post

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