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Global Warming: forget the science, it really doesn't matter ...

There are those who have believed that the subject of climate science has devolved into a progressive socialistic ideology that, like religion, must require a leap of faith.

Enter a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Catholic philosopher, Blaise Pascal, who died on August 19, 1662.

“Following a mystical experience in late 1654, he had his ‘second conversion,’ abandoned his scientific work, and devoted himself to philosophy and theology.”

“Pascal's Wager: even if the existence of God could not be determined through reason, a rational person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.”

Adapted to global warming …

Man should do everything in his power to reduce pollution for the inherent benefits it will confer on mankind and individual lives – and that if global warming was simply a natural self-regulating phenomenon beyond man’s ability to control, there is no harm and no foul from engaging in reducing pollution.

I find myself agreeing with the premise. We should be good stewards of our ecosphere and do everything in our power to avoid unduly polluting the land, water and air.

Enter politics and corruption …

What I violently disagree agree with is related to the people who are selected to implement public policy and the manner in which it is implemented. Because history teaches us that power is both corrupting and leads to activities in which those who hold power will do almost anything to preserve their position and power.

There is no argument that Pascal was a child prodigy who turned into a mathematician and scientist of the first order. And there is little or no doubt in my mind that we should attempt to preserve our ecosphere.

But, it also appears that there are no honest brokers to whom we can entrust this mission.

We have already seen the demonization of carbon dioxide using specious science for the purpose of controlling the creation, storage, transmission and usage of energy. Energy which is necessary for life and commerce.

We have already seen attempts by politicians to implement public policies that would enlarge government, raise taxes, raise the costs of all goods and services and reduce our personal freedoms … while giving a pass to those gross polluters who have the money or connections to purchase indulgences to continue their polluting ways.

We have seen the creation of a mechanism to develop, value and trade these indulgences for the profit of those controlling the trading infrastructure.  These people act as intermediaries, profiting from the activities of others without creating anything of tangible value themselves.

You cannot convince me that allowing a local population in El Segundo, California to deal with local pollution and the medical problems it may induce by purchasing a tree-planting contract in the Amazon rainforest – by citing a net global benefit which is impossible to measure. The rational among you will note that this is nothing more than an attempt to impose socialist wealth distribution while profiting from each and every transaction. Benefitting no one except the politicians and the special interests that support them.

To even think that the United States alone could alter the global temperature in the face of continued pollution by China, Russia and the developing nations is ludicrous.

I propose a different proposition …

What if we take all of the money that is being channeled to institutions, scientists and projects with the hope of justifying political policies that benefit the politicians and their special interests and invest it in new cost-effective technologies and debt reduction which would have both primary and secondary benefits to our economy.

I say we do nothing – continuing to research the phenomenon of global climate change at a lesser level.

I say that we make a real difference by spending the billions which are being wasted on so-called green energy production which appears to be unreliable, unsustainable and definitely not cost effective and develop real energy independence by instituting a national nuclear power initiative. Placing nuclear plants – not by regional politics – but by safety concerns. Building a suitable transmission grid that would support these energy sources with minimum transmission losses. A smart grid – a really smart grid – that does not have a reliance on computer controls and is interlocked to the degree of allowing massive cascading power failures.

I say we make a real difference by developing our own natural resources: clean coal, natural gas, low-sulfur oil.

And I say we make a difference by throwing out the thieves, charlatans and their fellow travelers and elect honest brokers to serve “We the People” in 2012.

Bottom line …

Global climate change is nothing but an unproven hypothesis that substitutes flawed computer models and data to produce a pre-ordained public policy solution. While no one can deny that our planet warmed after emerging from the little ice age, no one can accurately measure the temperature change, project its future course or prove that man can affect the global climate to any significant and measurable degree.

To waste billions of dollars to push a toxic public policy is unacceptable. And politicians who subvert science to push their own political ideology should be removed from office and replaced by people we can trust.

Unfortunately, all I can see on the horizon are progressive democrats-socialists and a GOP which is mired in past power politics. Neither party putting forth an attractive candidate that can be trusted.

-- steve

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