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Times are tough for everybody -- an unusual indicator ...

I just received an e-mail that confirmed what everybody knows about the economy – times are tough for everybody and the future is uncertain.

Ferrari Introduces New Complimentary Seven-Year
Maintenance Program

Ferrari North America proudly introduces the new Complimentary Seven-Year Maintenance Program for the new 2012 Ferrari California, 458 Italia and FF models. Unprecedented in duration and scope, the Ferrari Complimentary Seven-Year Maintenance Program is designed to help owners get the most enjoyment and peace of mind from their new Ferraris, at no additional cost.

The new Ferrari Complimentary Seven-Year Maintenance program covers all
factory-scheduled maintenance procedures at standard service intervals (every 12,500
miles, or once per year, with no restriction on total mileage), including all labor and related genuine parts and approved lubricants, for the covered Ferrari models.

In addition, the Ferrari Complimentary Seven-Year Maintenance Program will help ensure that Ferrari owners have the full support of their authorized Ferrari Dealer service departments throughout the coverage period. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will receive regular inspections by Ferrari-trained technicians using Factory-approved dedicated diagnostic equipment.

Like I said … times are tough.

-- steve

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