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As one who is a great believer in the scientific method, free from politics and corruption, I am somewhat upset at the environmental socialists/communists who are attempting to claim that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s candidacy is in trouble because he is skeptical about man-made global warming.

An example of this type of intellectually dishonest smear campaign can be easily demonstrated by the writings of Richard Cohen.

Consider the following statements with my comments in blue …

Climate Change May Be Ruin Of Perry Campaign

“Whatever global warming might or might not have done to polar bears, it has put Rick Perry's presidential candidacy at risk.”

“The Texas governor clings to an ice flow of diminishing credibility, emerging in just about a week's time as intellectually unqualified to be president. He engaged in a brief dialogue with a child about evolution and came out the loser. Perry said there are some gaps in the theory. If so, he is one.”

Perhaps intellectually dishonest – or simply unaware Richard Cohen – does not realize that the authorities are investigating the scientist who put forth the polar bear story for an unspecified issue. That the entire projection was based on 3-4 dead polar bears spotted after a major storm by an aircraft from 1,500 feet while conducting an aerial survey on bowhead whales. While the scientists were mostly up-front about their observations, a linkage was established to potential effects of global warming and the subject took off into the leftist stratosphere. Another example of a conclusion based upon nothing more concrete than speculation and a statistically irrelevant and random sample size.

”Maybe more important, Perry waxed wrongly on global warming. He rejected the notion that it is at least partially a product of industrialization, asserting that ‘a substantial number of scientists have manipulated data’ to make it appear that mankind — our cars, trains, automobiles, not to mention China's belching steel mills — is the culprit.”  

There is little or no doubt that a significant group of climate researcher/activists did manipulate both the raw climate data that was input to assumption-flawed and incomplete climate models, but they also attempted to manipulate the peer-review process used by key scientific journals. Such was the subject of the so-called “climategate” scandal.

As for the influence of man’s industrialization on the global mean temperature, there are a number of gross climate drivers that are beyond man’s control. Among them: the Sun’s energy output, our planetary position relative to the Sun, our planet’s rotational dynamics, plate tectonics and vulcanology, deep ocean currents, and the greatest greenhouse gas which dwarfs all others: water vapor. When measured against these major climate drivers, man’s contribution to global warming is lost among the variability of natural climate change and is not definitively measurable.

“He said that an increasing number of scientists have challenged this notion and that, in conclusion, he stood with them — whoever they might be. In Appleton, Wis., Sen. Joe McCarthy's skeleton rattled a bit.”

“The late and hardly lamented demagogue pioneered the political use of the concocted statistic. In his case, it was communists and they were, literally, everywhere. There were some, of course, just as there are some scientists who are global warming skeptics, but these few — about 2% of climate researchers — could hold their annual meeting in a phone booth, if there are any left. (Perhaps 2% of scientists think there are.)”

As obnoxious as Senator McCarthy may have been, he has been proven correct by history – there was a concerted effort by the communists to infiltrate government. And the sad fact is that the same thing is happening today as the socialists/communists infiltrate the environmental movement and the government to use our very own laws against us.

There are relatively few climate scientists and most of them work for government or government-controlled institutions where any noticeable dissent from the political mainstream is regarded as heresy and is punished by the loss of position, funding and project selection. Those scientists who are not directly involved with climate change do not express their opinions openly as they want to survive in the governmental ecosphere.

“Perry's quaint belief in the utter innocence of mankind when it comes to polluting our precious atmosphere might seem like a innocuous tick, a conviction without consequence.

Is this why the socialist/communist left have decided that they would permit the gross pollution of the planet if only they would purchase indulgences for the official permission to continue their polluting ways? Purchasing these permission slips in a way beneficial to funding an even larger government and the special interests (e.g. Wall Street Wizards) who fund their campaigns? 

“In the first place, global warming is a serious matter affecting not just cute polar bears, but the more homely of God's creations — namely you and me. But just as important is the reason Perry clings to his belief. It's not that he has studied the science, pored through the reports and all. It's rather that global warming is global and reversing it would take global programs.”

The Earth has been hotter and colder, with more atmospheric carbon dioxide and less atmospheric carbon dioxide – all in a time before the effects of man’s industrialization could be observed. And the Polar Bears were doing just fine, thank you. Even today, the cohort of Polar Bears seems to be growing and is far from being an endangered species.

What hubris, or sheer idiocy, to state that “global warming is global and reversing it would take global programs.” You cannot legislate the action of the Sun, the Planet’s dynamics and more than you can issue a law to stop the tides. You do what man has always done – move out of the way of a sometimes violent nature and adapt the best you can using location, shelter and protective gear.

“This means that standards and limits have to be imposed by the much-reviled federal government — and it, in turn, has to cooperate with other nations. This nationalization and internalization of a problem and solution are not, to say, the least, very Tea Partyish. They are merely realistic.”
The absolute truth is that you cannot control what you cannot measure – and the scientists are talking about projections in terms of tenths of a degree (Celsius) which is an impossible measure of precision to achieve in the real world and is merely the computational artifact of a best-guess computer simulation.

As for cooperation with other nations, that assumes that we are willing to surrender a portion of our sovereign independence for the purpose of achieving an impractical political goal. Something that is likely to be used by our powerful enemies (China, Russia) to our disadvantage – all the while laughing at our naiveté.

What does the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party movement have to do with science. The movement is a grass-roots response to the soft tyranny and out-of-control spending of our government. A gathering of common men and women with a united purpose: to express their dissatisfaction with the political class that is taking more and more of our labor, producing nothing by racial and class strife and lining their own pockets.

That the socialists and communists would use the word “realistic” when promoting their own unprovable, unsustainable and un-American behaviors is both ludicrous and hypocritical.

Perry has given us a glimpse of what happens when his ideology collides with reality. Ideology wins and it does so not on the up and up, but by cheating a bit — in the case of global warming with the fictitious numbers and false charges.”

I suggest that this entire “glimpse” is symptomatic of the socialist/communists and that the current Administration of President Barack Obama proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. When his ideology and demand for nationalized healthcare trumped a cratering economy. When the burdens of the Dodd-Frank (two arguably corrupt politicians) added to the nationalization of American business and a chaotic business environment. And when the current Cap and Trade proposal appears to be designed to kill our economy and make the government takeover of all means of labor and production complete.

“Old Texas hands repeatedly urge us not to liken Perry to Bush just because they both are from Texas and are religious. Granted. But the similarities are there and unavoidable — not just the accent, but in a way of thinking.”

When not blaming Bush for all that has gone wrong with the Obama Administration and the country under his malfeasant absence, they attempt to smear others by association with Bush. Truth is that they are nothing alike.

Bush was an elite Northeastern liberal (Yale and Harvard) and only moved to Texas for convenience. Perry is a real Texan and far from a Northeastern liberal. In fact, the men are said to be at odds over any number of issues.

Whatever you may say about Bush, his laissez-faire regulatory policies and crony capitalism – you must also say about Barack Obama who does not govern, he golfs and vacations. He leaves the heavy lifting to others and throws them under the bus if they stumble. You never wondered if former President Bush was a patriot or hated America – as you do with Barack Obama. And George Bush never openly and knowingly invited communists and socialists into the White House and gave them prominent positions of power.

I take Perry seriously. He is no Michele Bachmann, unaccountably elected from a single congressional district, but the three-term leader of the vast nation of Texas. The achievement warrants deep respect and, after last week, considerable worry. It's not his thinking I fear. It's the lack of any at all.”

Observe, Cohen starts with a backhanded compliment and then goes on to claim that Perry is not capable of thinking.

Perhaps what he meant is that Perry is not capable of thinking in an unpatriotic manner that contemplates the destruction of America and the rise of her enemies on the world stage? Perhaps Perry is not capable of thinking of the open lies that can be told to cover up malfeasance bordering on treason? And perhaps Perry is not capable of thinking of ways to screw his fellow Americans out of their hard-earned labor? 

Bottom line …

As we can plainly see, Richard Cohen is a leftist hack who is willing and able to cobble together political lies and half-truths to demonize the opposition. And it appears that his sole function as an editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily is to illustrate the fundamental dishonesty and absurdity that is the left today.

In other words – he is  a prime example of what is wrong with our nation today.

-- steve

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