How do the democrats claim to have any moral or fiscal authority to discuss Social Security?


A glimpse into the future of America …

Detroit: a once prosperous city, world-renown as the capital of the nation’s motor culture. A city ruled by democrats who unconditionally supported the unions -- who almost single-handedly destroyed the nation’s automotive industry and turned much of Detroit into a decaying cesspool of crime, corruption, drug-dealing and violence. Where well-paid jobs were driven overseas by outrageous union demands and production costs that simply rendered an entire industry unable to compete effectively.

Detroit was known as "Motor City," the city that hosted the largest company in the world, General Motors. A company which was not only plagued by unionized labor, but was also plagued by an ossified and bloated management that had no stomach for fighting the unions. A respected company that has now turned from an automobile producer to a union pension fund with an automobile company subsidiary. A shadow of its former size, looted by the government on behalf of their union friends, its very survival an open question. Many of its workers left languishing in poverty and despair. And those with the means and mobility to escape – long gone, ceding the city to the democrats and their cronies.

A proclamation from the City …

PRESS ADVISORY: Council Budget to Reduce Services 

“One week ago, the Detroit City Council voted 8-1 to move forward with a budget that reduces city services by $50 million beyond Mayor Dave Bing’s recommendation. City departments, which have the responsibility of managing their budgets, have analyzed the cuts and the staffing and service reductions that will result. Attached, please find a detailed summary of three high-priority areas that will be affected by the $50 million cut.”

“Mayor Bing issues the following statement:
These cuts won’t solve our fiscal crisis. My administration reduced spending by $200 million in this budget and we did so responsibly, without hurting public safety or eliminating transportation services and park maintenance. We have to tell people the truth about the service reductions that we’re facing if we don’t reach a compromise.’”

It is true, these cuts will not solve the fiscal crisis. Like the problems facing the nation, only systemic reform and the elimination of corrupt politicians will solve the problem.

The claim that “We have to tell people the truth about the service reductions” is a half-truth at best. Whose truth? The real truth? The political truth? The truth that makes politicians look like they are doing something for the people they are screwing?

The absolute truth is that political corruption and ineptitude has caused this fiscal crisis; and that no amount of spin can change that fact.

As for compromises – it appears that Mayor Bing is taking a page from President Obama’s playbook. Using the term “compromise” to euphemistically refer to the need to raise taxes to support the bloated industry known as “big government.” 

We don’t feel your pain; we cause your pain …

Most politicians are isolated by their position, power, prestige and personal profits from the day-to-day consequences of their actions. Slavishly supporting the special interests who fund their campaigns and which provide voter turnout drives during election cycles. Often overlooking their primary duty to provide a safe and secure environment and to maintain the infrastructure which supports the common needs of the entire citizenry.

And whenever faced with a budgetary crisis – mostly a revenue shortfall due to profligate and unnecessary spending – they attempt to coerce the tax-paying citizens to ante up even more money to fund their ideological and personal follies with threats of critical service interruptions. Primarily  ignoring their duty to prioritize and make critical funds available to safety, security and infrastructure maintenance needs and threatening to cut essential services before they even attempt to kill non-essential or union-supported programs -- and those with a political component.

Here is Detroit’s threat list …

Proposed Police Cuts: $8,300,000

  • Reduces number of officers on the street
  • Prevents the hiring of 40 new, academy ready police cadets
  • Eliminates the Police Community Services Unit
  • Removal of all Community Relations Officers from precincts to compensate for loss of on-the-street personnel
  • Jeopardizes Federal Consent Compliance
    Threatens precinct format

Proposed Fire Cuts: $4,100,000           

  • Reduction in Fire personnel
  • Potential Closure of Fire Stations
  • Reduced vehicle availability for Emergency and Fire Response
  • Diminishes fire safety efforts

Proposed  Transportation Cuts: $8,183,370

  • Shuts down the People Mover
  • Eliminates Sunday and Holiday Bus Service
  • Eliminates 24hr service on major routes (2 a.m. – 5 a.m.)
  • Threatens the viability of the Woodward Light Rail Project
  • Must return more than $100 million in federal grants

Proposed Recreation/GSD Cuts: $7,500,000

  • Closes Butzel Family Center and one additional Recreation Center
  • Closes City of Detroit Marinas, Brennan Pool at Rouge Park, Gatliff Pool at Palmer Park and Belle Isle beach
  • Hart Plaza will be closed to sponsored events, beginning July 1, 2011
  • Restrooms on Belle Isle and at all city parks will be closed
  • Unable to cut and maintain the grass at city parks and vacant lots
  • Eliminates summer day camps for youth 3 –12
  • Required to return $6.4 Million to the Department of Natural Resources that was used for facility improvements
  • Jeopardizes Community Cultural Arts Grant Funded Programs
  • Limited Recreational Programming for seniors and youth throughout the year

Detroit’s crime problem, especially in its decaying inner cities, is legendary and not likely to be resolved by cutting back on police, fire and medical personnel.

One would think that a solution to significantly reducing immediate expenditures would be an emergency declaration that all union contracts are now null and void since it is a proven fact that unionization drives up costs, reduces efficiencies, results in more workers being hired, delaying outcomes – and worst of all, rewarding mediocrity at the expense of the type of outstanding performance necessary to provide real, lasting and cost-effective solutions to today’s problems.

One would think that one would suspend, disband and eliminate most politically-connected boards, commissions and panels who do little more than issue politically-motivated propaganda and softball solutions to hard issues.

One would think that the cars of city officials, housing subsidies and other perks not commonly found in the private sector would be eliminated. Along with the elimination of a multitude of consultants – especially those associated with managing the media.

One would think that the city would bring legal action to recover the costs of those who have failed to deliver on city contracts or those who have filed fraudulent claims against the city.

Where did the money go?

Under the control of democrats, one must ask themselves where did the money go? To a dysfunctional education system that is little more than a union full employment scheme rather than a system to educate our children? To bloated union-dominated construction and service contracts which fail to achieve their initial goals? To the special interests who live high on the hog while neighborhoods are ghettoized.

And who is responsible for this public outrage?

The politicians of course. Corrupt, greedy, pandering politicians who start on their reelection campaign fundraising the day after they assume office. Here is a look at the current Detroit City Council who screams for social justice, equality and diversity.

These are Detroit’s top elected officials, the people who were chosen by the citizens to represent the citizens.


Capture7-27-2011-2.24.11 PM

“In two weeks, the health of Detroit neighborhoods will determine what services they get, according to a plan unveiled today by Mayor Dave Bing.”

“The extraordinary effort to parse services geographically — from where codes are enforced, houses demolished, codes enforced, trees trimmed and street lights repaired, for instance — is a result of 14 months of study toward reshaping an aging city that is marked by wide pockets of despair. Bing says all neighborhoods will still get basic services, such as police and fire, EMS and garbage pickup.”

“Bing's citywide plan calls for dividing Detroit into three categories based on a neighborhood's health — steady, transitional and distressed — and then concentrating certain services in those areas. For example, building demolitions would be more common in ‘distressed’ and ‘transitional’ areas, while the ‘steady’ neighborhoods would get more code enforcement and illegal dumping cleanups.”  <Source>

Capture7-27-2011-1.12.30 PM

Look how the story is being reported …

As reported by Associated Press …

“Detroit to set services by neighborhood condition”

Detroit neighborhoods with more people and a better chance of survival will receive different levels of city services than more blighted areas under a plan unveiled Wednesday that some residents fear may pit them against each other for scarce resources.”

This is the very essence of the democrat’s socialist ideology. Bring about the collapse of the current government by overspending and then when the system collapses, pursue the socialist ideology as if the capitalist, free-market system has failed. Creating additional power by creating scarcity – and then managing that scarcity for personal, political and ideological advantage. Rewarding our friends (As Obama has told the unions on a number of occasions) and punishing our enemies.

“Mayor Dave Bing released details from his Detroit Works Project, calling the changes a ‘short-term intervention’ necessary because the city, with limited financial resources, a $155 million budget deficit and a dwindling population, was spread dangerously thin.”

In politics, radical change  like temporary taxes, the new often becomes the old and accepted. And yes, there is a dwindling population – created by the government’s continued ineptitude and interference in the free-market to support their self-serving and political needs.

"’Our focus is going to be on the people in the neighborhoods,’ Bing said. ‘We can effect real change and improve neighborhoods.’"

With this statement, someone should kick the mayor and his fellow politicians in the ass. If they failed to “effect real change and improve neighborhoods” when finances were better – how the hell are they going to do it with severely limited resources and a population that is fleeing the decay, rot and stench of their current environment?

“Bing's plan isn't about shrinking Detroit —the boundaries of the 139-square-mile city aren't receding. The plan also backs away from forcing the redistribution of what's left of the population into areas where people still live and where the houses aren't on the verge of caving in. Many residents had strongly opposed that idea.”

Do you even recognize the “apocalyptic horror” contemplated by that statement? Forced redistribution? Houses aren’t on the verge of caving in?

Where the hell are the code enforcement people charged with buildings and safety? Out taking bribes or looking the other way for those who are politically well-connected? Shirking their responsibilities by sleeping on the job? Or simply incompetent people hired not for what they knew but who they knew?

This is the essence of political persuasion and forced coercion …

"’We will not force anybody to move,’ Bing said. ‘We want people to move into the areas that are going to grow; where we have the amenities, the density.’"

Like socialist Governor Jerry Brown of California attempting to force people out of their cars, restrict their mobility and create high-density communal-style housing by instituting diamond lanes for carpooling; and now turning those carpool lanes into revenue-generating toll-lanes.

Daniel Ellsberg, a nuclear policy expert and famous leaker, once said: “If you can express the thought in a non-threatening manner, the probability of it coming true in the future is greatly enhanced.”

And here we have the Mayor saying “We will not force anybody to move” but “We want people to move …” And no doubt they anticipate offering incentive bonuses – or coercing the private sector to support the plan at the risk of further problems with City Hall – to encourage this behavior.

“He stressed that police, fire and emergency medical service will be at the same levels in all neighborhoods.”

This is a lie – it is a physical impossibility to keep the same level of service in all neighborhoods when personnel are being cut and facilities being closed or undermanned to close a budgetary gap. At the best, the truth is that reduced services will be kept at the same level.

A different kind of Bailout …

“Detroit's population of about 713,000 is down about 200,000 from 10 years ago, according to U.S. Census figures, and has fallen more than 1 million since 1950. Some areas have fewer occupied homes than vacant ones.”

Smart people, mobile people, people with resources – and those not plundering the system are moving away from the corruption, crime, rot and decay.

Which reminds me of  a famous quote:

“Dante passes through the gate of Hell, which bears an inscription, the ninth (and final) line of which is the famous phrase ‘Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate’, or ‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’ <Source>

Bottom line …

We need to rid our government of the corrupt politicians at the local, state and federal level. Starting in 2012 to fire everyone who is not a constitutional conservative and committed to reducing the waste, fraud and corruption in government.

And if the current crop of professional politicians claim that is what they stand for – ask for proof and point to the past decades when both parties did relatively little as they feathered their own nests.

-- steve

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Reference Links …


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