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The disease that is global warming ...

It took a lot of willpower to resist the urge to make a snarky comment that those who promote public policies based on nothing more than exaggerated results from deeply flawed computer models using highly manipulated data are either neurotic or delusional.

But we are now starting to see scientific evidence that those who continually promote the idea of global climate change for the purposes of driving a toxic, self-serving political agenda are impacting the health of some in our nation – in a real and quantifiable manner.

According to an article in the International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, two Australian researchers have found that "there is a growing consensus that increased awareness about climate change is leading to negative emotional reactions in certain individuals." Further noting that "expressions of negative psychological states relating to climate change appear in popular commentary, public opinion polls and increasingly in the medical and psychological literature.”

It’s working …

Much in the same manner as Rahm Emanuel suggested; “never let a good crisis go to waste,” those pushing a political agenda, the special interests seeking outsized profits and almost anyone with a tangential interest in exploiting the subject of “global warming” for power, prestige and profits refuse to moderate their positions. Amplifying the dire predictions of planetary disasters to epic proportions – even though the dire consequences are questionable outliers produced by computer models with faulty assumptions, programs and highly manipulated data.

Instead of mentioning the benefits of a warming climate or explaining the need for more self-protective shelters, the chicken little’s of this world continue to cry “The sky is falling.” Scaring the bejesus out of the uneducated, ill-informed and the most vulnerable in our population.

Compounding the tragedy …

To add injury to insult, educators – directed by the socialists who have a vested interest in global warming and environmental issues which fund and support their power base – are scaring children to the point where some psychiatrists are thinking about including anti-anxiety medications to be used in this extremely vulnerable population that appears to already be overmedicated. Especially when exuberant boys cannot be easily controlled by predominantly female teachers who naturally prefer social and compliant female students.

Someone has the guts to describe the phenomenon in a useful manner …

The Australian Psychological Society has published a number of noteworthy “tip sheets” which appear to be cognizant of the dangers of environmental change …

It is common for people to experience a range of emotions and psychological reactions when faced with information about environmental threats and predictions of an uncertain future. People may feel anxious, scared, sad, depressed, numb, helpless and hopeless, frustrated or angry.”

“Sometimes, if the information is too unsettling and the solutions seem too difficult, people can cope by minimizing or denying that there is a problem, or avoiding thinking about the problems.”

while simultaneously claiming …

“Being skeptical about the problems is another way that people may react. The caution expressed by climate change sceptics could be a form of denial, where it involves minimizing the weight of scientific evidence/consensus on the subject. Or it could indicate that they perceive the risks of change to be greater than the risks of not changing, for themselves or their interests.”

and cautioning …

Once people believe that they cannot do anything to change a situation, they tend to react in all sorts of unhelpful ways. They may become dependent on others (i.e., by believing that the government or corporations will fix things, or that technology has all the answers), resigned ("if it happens, it happens"), cynical ("there's no way you can stop people from driving their cars everywhere - convenience is more important to most people than looking after the environment"), or fed up with the topic.”

“Another common reaction is to become desensitized to information about environmental problems. Stories and images relating to climate change flood our daily news. People can become desensitized to the stories, and mentally switch off when the next one comes. The fact that these problems are not easily fixed, and seem to go on and on without resolution, increases the chances that we will tune out, thus minimizing our stress and continuing with business as usual.”

What makes this tip sheet especially important is it highlights issues that are  almost never addressed when people discuss skeptics and the reality that is climate change.

The greatest drivers of global climate change are beyond mankind’s influence.

  • We cannot, at the present time – and maybe never – be able to change the dynamics of the universe to effect beneficial change.
  • We cannot alter: the Sun’s energy output; our Planet’s position relative to the Sun, our Planet’s rotational dynamics, plate tectonics, volcanic activity, deep ocean currents and the greatest greenhouse gas of all: water vapor.

Likewise, those who demonize the energy producers (big gas, oil and coal interests) as putting forth self-serving tainted research, often fail to realize that the bulk of the research is actually performed by similarly tainted sources involving big government and special interest educational institutions and foundations whose livelihood is massively affected by government grants.

That the consensus of scientists appears to be a very small group of active researchers, combined with a very large group of administrators and non-discipline proponents – some of which have been revealed to have altered, shaded or falsified their findings and who have attempted (successfully it appears) to have corrupt the scientific journal peer-review process as it relates to climate studies.

And that all of the models are so deeply flawed that they did not recognize any trending cooling pattern in their projects even though one has been observed in the last decade.

Not to mention that the climate appears to have always been cyclical, ever-changing and with self-regulating feedback loops that control the weather. The Earth has been hotter, colder, with more atmospheric CO2 and less atmospheric CO2 – all before man’s influence starting with the industrial revolution.

An extreme case …

Cited by the Australian researchers is a case where a patient appeared to have “climate change delusions and visions of apocalyptic events who believed that his personal water consumption could lead to the deaths of millions of people."

Leading to a new psychological term: carborexia …

In fact, they report that displays of climate change related obsessive and depressive behaviors has led to the creation of the term ‘carborexia,’ which ‘refers to individuals who have a fanatical desire to reduce their personal carbon footprint, to the point where it severely affects their lifestyle and normal daily activities.’"

The author’s conclusion …

“Yes, we live in truly disturbing times, when climate alarmists are proclaiming one impending catastrophe after another, if anthropogenic CO2 emissions are not drastically reduced; and there is absolutely no question but that the responsibility for the resultant widespread and growing state of irrational depression, anxiety and stress that is manifesting itself throughout the world can be laid squarely at the doorstep of those who peddle climatic doom and gloom, and that the perverse results of their perturbing of the psyches of millions of people will bring nothing but anguish and remorse as rewards for their woefully misguided efforts.” <Source>

Bottom line …

Once again, we are confronted by a clash of ideologies.

On one hand, we have a capitalist society with free markets and which features individualism over collectivism.

And on the other hand, we have socialism/communism which stresses the relative unimportance of individuals who must be centrally managed by a “ruling elite” for the benefit of collective society. It is worthy of note that this type of thinking is rooted in achieving power by managing real or imagined (man-created) scarcities and has always promoted population control as a means to sustain man’s survivability.

Wherever it has been tried, socialism/communism has failed as an ideology and has lead to corruption and outright totalitarianism. Another way of saying that the politicians and their special interest friends enslave entire populations for their personal benefit.

It is now time to revert to commonsense prescriptions which include further research into coping mechanisms for whatever climate nature provides, continuing to improve air, land and water quality as good stewards – and to avoid allowing gross polluters to continue polluting the planet as long as they pay politicians and Wall Street for the privilege with their cap-and-trade schemes. 

You are not voting for a President in 2012, you are voting to keep America strong, productive and beautiful – or to turn America into a cross between Russia, France, Mexico and Argentina.

And you need to insure that constitutional conservatives serve in local, state and the federal government.  Especially in the House of Representatives and more importantly, the Senate.

It’s your choice – your future that’s on the line. Do you want to become a progressive socialist and have the government manage your life? Or do you want to live in a free and open society where you can achieve mighty things and dream mighty dreams without government’s heavy foot on your neck.

As I said – the choice is yours.

-- steve

P.S. One would naturally expect a Planet emerging from an ice age to steadily warm until it reaches a point when the Planet cools as it regresses to some unknown central value.

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